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Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

Jason Statham always looks perfect in the frame. Despite his age, he keeps himself in great shape not only for the sake of filming. But how does a movie star manage to maintain the shape and physique?

Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

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Jason Statham has been associated with sports since childhood. He was a professional diving and even played for the British national team in this discipline. With a good physique, he moonlighted as a model. It was there that he was noticed and invited to the cinema. Statham was also involved in martial arts.

Once in the film industry, the actor secured the role of a brutal guy with an excellent body, so throughout his career he had to keep himself in shape.

First of all, the actor controls his food. According to him, the diet is always different, but at the same time Statham does not disdain even a bottle of beer.

As for training, Statham trains a lot, he even equipped a gym in his own garage. At the same time, Jason is a big fan of variety in training.

The movie star prefers to train with his own weight. He loves doing pull-ups, push-ups on the uneven bars and off the floor. His pull-up scene from Death Race is one of the most popular in his film biography when it comes to fitness.

When asked how much the actor does push-ups, he replies that he does not maximum, but adds a few kilograms of extra weight.

For variety and all-round development of the body, Statham also practices rather unusual apparatus: he climbs a tightrope, and recently he has mastered and fell in love with training on gymnastic rings.

The actor combines several types of training at once: first he works out mobility, then he trains punches and practices in martial arts, and then adds strength training.

When working with extra weights, the actor leans towards the elements of weightlifting ... He recognizes that the classics are best, so he performs athletic elements: lifting a barbell to the chest, squats with a barbell overhead, training with a kettlebell.

But Statham disparages cardio workouts: What cardio, my workouts are cardio, if you train hard.

The actor actively participates in all kinds of challenges, not so long ago he did push-ups for charity. And the Bottle Cap Challenge fired largely because Jason was one of the first to pick it up.

To summarize, then StathEm prefers bodyweight workouts, appreciates variety in training, and sticks to a diet.

Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

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Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

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Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

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