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Battle of the figures. Why is being strong is better than being thin?

In one of the studies of the University of California, it was noted: "Girls are constantly losing weight, this phenomenon does not have a factor of seasonality and reference to the time period." And that's really hard to argue with.

The wasp waist fashion has already triggered the emergence of diseases such as anorexia and bulimia. And this is a scourge of far from the 21st century - one of the most common problems in secular Russia of the 18th-19th centuries was fainting, provoked by too strong tightening of the corset. Considering the issue from a purely biological point of view, many types of figures given to us from birth simply do not provide for a well-defined waist line.

Battle of the figures. Why is being strong is better than being thin?

Ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. What type are you?

An important part of the training process is knowing your body type. This will help increase the effectiveness of training and reach your goal faster.

And this whole race becomes a senseless pursuit of an unattainable ideal. Eternal exhausting diets, poor health and mood due to constant restrictions (not only in food) - we destroy not only our body, but also our psyche, we undermine the nervous system.

But don't be scared, this is not a call to eat everything and follow your desires and laziness. A new trend in the world of healthy lifestyle is to be not thin, but slim and strong.

In our selection, we have collected the accounts of five beauties who, in the race for the wasp waist, relied on their health. All these girls competently combine aerobic and strength loads, monitor their nutrition, and do not torment the body with exhausting diets.

Model Anna Cheri - @anacheri

The girl's motto is very simple: “If you want - eat a donut, you want ice cream, but in the evening we will definitely meet in the hall and work it all out. " This approach is tempting, but, of course, it is clear to all subscribers that Anna could afford such “cheat meals” even when the main path to achieving her form was passed.

In her posts, the model admits that she feels very harmonious in the body she is in and is not ready to sacrifice her appetizing forms in order for the arrow of the scales to show a little less.

Fitness Trainer Kayla Itsines - @kayla_itsines

Kayla's account consists not only of useful videos with training routines, but also of a selection of motivating before / after photos with girls who are already engaged in her programs. Strength and function training is at the heart of the famous trainer's fitness approach.

All Kayla's programs imply a transition to proper, regular nutrition. No exhausting diets, only the most harmful will have to be eliminated, but it's worth it, right?

Model Claudia Alenede - @claudiaalende

Brazilian Alede has already gathered more than 10 million fans of her forms on her page.

In her posts, the girl talks about how important it is to recover from workouts, she often tries detox programs and fashionable means to keep the skin toned. It is difficult to judge the objectivity of the reviews, knowing that the model makes money on her social media accounts, so we recommend using her photo solely for motivation before going to the gym.

Fitness trainer, dancer, instamama Sonia Neks - @sonya_neks_

Our answer to lively American women is charming Sonia Neks. Those who have been following her account for a long time know that Sonya previously taught dance and participated in dance TV shows, after which she plunged headlong into fitness and for several years has been inspiring her followers with motivational posts about proper nutrition, drinking regimen and training. / p>

And not so long ago, a petite beauty became a mother and actively shares information on about recovery after childbirth.

Fitonyashka from Kazan Anastasia Anikina - @anastasiyaanikina

The motto of all successful people is “Do it yourself”. And he absolutely definitely appears in the head when viewing Nastya's profile. The fitness model, and more recently also the creator of the popular line of lingerie and swimwear, really combines the two main principles of her brand - simplicity and sexuality.

The girl herself is happy to share her recipe for achieving the goal, talks about workouts, uploads a video, recommendations on choosing caring cosmetics.

Strong and beautiful girls charge and motivate to buy a gym membership or go for a run today. Being healthy means being productive and happy. It is high time to take into account that health is much more important than the notorious standards of beauty. Listen to your body and be motivated by the beauties from all over the world from our selection.

Which body type do you like best?

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