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Batman returns: what Ben Affleck looks like now

Director, actor, screenwriter and producer Ben Affleck will soon be 48 years old. Apparently, he returned to active training and began to get in shape. While the superhero, as he was in Batman v Superman, is still far away, but already now the actor has noticeably pumped up, lost weight, dyed his hair and beard and began to look much younger. Affleck has repeatedly proved to fans that body transformation is a common thing for him. And how does he do it?

Batman returns: what Ben Affleck looks like now

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A dramatic change

Back in April Affleck looked much more solid and older: a beard with gray hair, too. The paparazzi spotted him walking in Los Angeles with his current girlfriend, actress Ana de Armas (Bond's girlfriend in No Time to Die). The couple walked their dogs together.

Then the 15-year age difference seemed quite noticeable, but now Affleck looks much younger. It's not just that he tinted his hair and beard, removing gray hair. The main changes are in his body. The actor has lost about 10 kg, is pumped up and now looks the same as five years ago when he got in shape for the movie Batman v Superman.

In 2015, Affleck had a hard time training - he had serious problems with alcohol on the background of divorce proceedings with Jennifer Garner. Then a whole team of coaches and nutritionists helped Ben turn into a real superhero.

Now, despite his middle age, he regularly goes to the gym, runs in the morning and generally leads a healthy lifestyle.

Batman returns: what Ben Affleck looks like now

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Batman Training

During the filming of City of Thieves, the actor began training with Walter Norton. The collaboration turned out to be very fruitful. The trainer developed a special program for Affleck, which took into account all his features. But then Ben was 36 years old, and the body took the load much easier.

Seven years later, during the preparation for the filming of Batman v Superman, the actor had a much more difficult time. The training program was built in such a way as to work out a specific muscle group every week, and in general they focused on bodybuilding. Affleck did strength three days a week, and the rest of his time focused on cardio and recovery.

The training plan for the hero of Gotham looked something like this:

First day - pectoral muscles and triceps.

Second day - warm up, run 40-60 minutes, cool down.

Third day - back muscles and biceps.

Fourth day - warm-up, run 40-60 minutes, cool down.

Fifth day - deltoid and leg muscles.

Sixth day - warm-up, run 40-60 minutes, cool down.

Seventh day - recovery.

Thanks to well-planned exercises, Affleck was able to quickly dry out and replace the fat layer with muscle mass, losing little weight. As a result, by the beginning of the filming process, the actor not only looked like a superhero, but could easily pull up with an additional weight of 30 kg. As the dark knight, the actor weighed 102 kg at 7.5% body fat, and six months earlier - 105 kg at 12%.

Batman returns: what Ben Affleck looks like now

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Bruce Wayne's nutrition

How you know, and the best workout program will not give a wow effect without the right nutrition plan. The task of the nutritionists was to create a diet that would increase strength while at the same time remove subcutaneous fat.

Nutritionist Rehan Jelati was involved in the development of Batman's diet. He took into account the fact that at that time the actor could not completely give up alcohol - Affleck had a special day for unloading.

In preparation for the role of a superhero, Ben ate 6-7 times a day in small portions ... Moreover, proteins, fats and carbohydrates entered his body at exactly the right time.

After the end of filming, Affleck relaxed a little and for a while stopped following the figure so carefully. However, he now seems to have decided to return to his peak form. Perhaps soon fans will be waiting for a new superhero film with the threat of Gotham crime.

Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are Officially BACK as BATMAN(S) 🦇

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