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Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

We continue to talk about painful - nutrition for those who want to achieve muscle growth. The topic turned out to be so difficult that its explanation went beyond the scope of one material. You can read the first part of the reasoning at the link below.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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How many extra calories will be required and whether fast food will go into muscle tissue.

And now everything is the same with the expert of the Championship, the wellness coach Andrey Semeshov trying to understand the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet. Is it enough to count the grams in order to get the desired relief?

Proteins. Basis for muscle growth

We are primarily interested in the plastic function of proteins. It is the main building block for muscle tissue. There are no proteins in the form of its constituent amino acids - construction simply will not start.

But remember that muscles are our excesses, the body will take them for them only if there is enough protein for its primary tasks. For example, maintaining the nervous system, immune function and much more. That is, if we, in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists, eat protein approximately at the rate of 0.8 grams per 1 kg of body weight, then there will be no bricks left for new muscles. Sports science agrees that it would be too presumptuous to start talking about hypertrophy of skeletal muscle for those who do not eat 1.5 grams per kg of body weight per day.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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For example, 100 grams of raw chicken breast contains about 20 grams of protein. In Big Tasty, by the way, 44.
And one more important point is the usefulness of this very protein. It is not enough to gain the norm in grams, you also need to make sure that the body receives the entire set of amino acids that make up these proteins. Otherwise, the construction conveyor may suddenly stop if some important element has not been brought up on time.

The gold standard for protein is a chicken egg. Dairy products can be put on a par with it in terms of protein value. However, beef, fish, seafood, poultry are also guaranteed to be provided with all twenty amino acids.

Only vegetarians are at risk. Not only is plant food not rich in proteins, there are also gaps in amino acids. Therefore, if you stick to such a food system, you will have to study the issue separately and combine different cereals, nuts, etc.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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Fats. Correct functioning of the body

A very important (second after proteins) component of food. Of course, its obvious role is to provide us with eenergy. Speech is also in reserve in the form of strategic deposits on the thighs, abdomen or in other problem areas, depending on individual characteristics. Here are just defatting the diet is guaranteed to lead to serious consequences.

Among other things, a full fat basket guarantees the normal functioning of the hormonal system, and this is a prerequisite for all processes in the body, including muscle building. Therefore, fats must necessarily be in the diet, about 1-1.5 grams per 1 kg of body weight.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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And again, as with proteins, it would be too easy to limit ourselves to a quantitative approach. Fats are divided into saturated and unsaturated. That is, mainly from animal sources and from plant sources. We need both. Approximately in equal proportions. In practice, there are no problems with saturated problems (again, there is a separate story with vegetarians). Therefore, do not forget to include in the diet on a regular basis various vegetable oils (banal sunflower, olive, flaxseed and others), nuts, avocados, olives. And definitely a couple of times a week deep-sea fish varieties. Or buy a jar of Omega-3 as a safety net.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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Carbs. Fast energy

Their main function is to provide us with affordable, quickly extracted energy for any processes, from thinking about where to go in the summer to bench press.

With the classic approach to losing weight through The only method I know (and consistent with science) is the manipulation of calories - the first thing to do is calculate the norms for proteins and fats, and carbohydrates are obtained according to the residual principle and most often they are the first to be reduced. Exactly the same happens when trying to deliberately overeat to build muscle.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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We have already figured out how much and what with proteins and fats. Now let's calculate the carbohydrates. Let's say our support (balance) diet is 1700 Kcal, weight is 60 kg. This turns out 90 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat. We translate into calories: 1 gram of protein - 4 Kcal, 1 gram of fat - 9, you get 900 Kcal. Remains 800 Kcal (1700-900). 1 gram of carbohydrates - 4 Kcal. Total carbohydrates need 225 grams.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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This, let me remind you, we proceeded from the conditions of energy balance. We have determined that we shift the balance towards a surplus of calories by 200. And the question arises - what are these additional caloriesto gain?
We remember, firstly, that our body does not really like muscles, they need a lot of energy. Therefore, it makes sense to spend all excess calories mainly on carbohydrates. That is, to our 225 grams we add another 50 and ....

... and nothing may work out! Alas, even if you have acquired the most accurate scales in the world, carefully weigh and calculate each poppy dewdrop, having previously specified its calorie content and BJU according to the reference book, this is by no means a guarantee that muscles will grow in principle, and even more so at the pace that we fantasized for ourselves there.

But hold on!

There are still a lot of variables behind the scenes. This is sleep, and the level of stress, and a derivative of this - hormonal background. After all, the individual characteristics of the organism, hereditary factors.
Therefore, all the above calculations should only be taken as an approximate reference point, direction of movement and starting point of reference.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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That is, you know your tendency to accumulate fat just from one glance at a shop window with eclairs? Really start increasing your calories by 200 Kcal. For those who are gaining mass with great difficulty, you can start testing the level of +500 Kcal per day.

And one more piece of advice: do not start growing, having frankly overweight. First we get rid of excess fat, then we try to build muscle. Otherwise, it will not work beautifully. I checked.

Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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Basic nutritional rules for those who want to pump up

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