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At least three years before the start of each Olympiad, a meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is held, during which the program of specific games is approved. During a session, the IOC may either exclude any sport or add a new one. The main requirement for an international federation governing a particular sport is compliance with the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code.

The Olympic Charter implies that an international federation is recognized by the IOC. And also that the sport is widespread in at least 75 countries on four continents among men and in at least 40 countries on three continents among women.

The program for the next Olympic Games has already been approved, they will be held in Tokyo in 2020 year. It included five new sports: baseball / softball (both disciplines were Olympic until 2008), karate, surfing, rock climbing and skateboarding. We will tell you what sports can be included in the program of the next Olympics.

Beach football and mini-football

There are not so many differences between these versions from big football, mainly the fact that the competitions are held on the beach and the hall, respectively. At the same time, many note that beach football, like mini-football, is more spectacular.

FIFA has been striving for the inclusion of these two disciplines in the program of the Olympic Games for many years, it seemed that before the games in Rio de Janeiro, the goal was close, but it didn't work out. So far, it has been possible to achieve the inclusion of mini-football in the program of the Youth Olympic Games, but this already means a lot. The President of the Russian Futsal Association believes that the inclusion of futsal and beach football in the Games program can be expected after 2024.


It is believed that this sport originated from hockey, but in fact, it is only the fact that the players have clubs that makes it related to hockey. Matches are held in halls on a firm, flat floor, not on the ice, only goalkeepers need protective equipment, and a plastic ball is used for the game. Each team has seven athletes, including a goalkeeper.

Floorball has been claiming to be included in the Olympic program for more than 10 years, but so far unsuccessfully, despite its entertainment and prevalence. In 2008, the federation managed to achieve temporary membership in the IOC, and in 2011 - full-fledged.


This sport requires rackets, a ball and four walls. Both singles and doubles tournaments are held. The task of the players during the match is to hit the ball to hit the ball against the wall, this was the main problem of squash competition: what should the spectators look at if there are four walls around the court! Over time, the federation found a solution: the walls began to be made transparent.

Squash federations already exist in more than 150 countries, the world federation worked to include squash in the program of games in Rio, but it did not work out, in Tokyo too will not be presented. But given that there are already more than 50 million players in the world, sooner or later this sport will get its place in the sun.

Orienteering h4>

Competitors in this sport must cover the given route as quickly as possible, using the map and compass. There are several types of orienteering: jogging and cycling, there is also winter ski orienteering, as well as orienteering for people with disabilities. If desired, this sport can be included in the summer Olympics, and in the winter, and even in the Paralympics.

The International Orienteering Federation has been claiming to be included in the program of the Olympic Games for more than forty years. The whole problem is that this sport is extremely inconvenient for the viewer: it is very difficult to organize full-fledged broadcasts, and it is not convenient to hold such competitions within the city, which means that a potential spectator will have to go to the forest. But this year the federation got its chance: ski orienteering was included in the program of the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.


Speedskating or speed skating on roller skates, as you might guess, the main task for an athlete is the fastest to overcome the given distance on roller skates. This sport has a lot in common with speed skating, but unlike its close relative, it cannot enter the program of the Olympics.

The International Federation has for many years unsuccessfully tried to convince the IOC, but last year it won a small one, but an important victory: speed skating was presented at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Billiards and bowling

These sports are familiar to everyone, without exception, even if someone did not play himself, he probably saw as others do. Both of these sports claimed to be included in the Tokyo Olympics, but both were unsuccessful. The International Bowling Federation has already got to the Olympics once, in 1988, in Seoul, and the billiard sports federation has yet to find out what it is.

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