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Back in shape: insta beauties who will make you go to the gym

Want a perfect body, but constantly lacking in motivation? Subscribe to these girls and you will no longer be able to sit still. Their bodies are the result of daily hard work on themselves. You can see the training program for yourself from one of five beauties from our selection.

Sarah Stage

Model, mom and fitness trainer Sarah Stage always in great shape. The abs cubes on her stomach were visible even when she was in her last months of pregnancy.

Izabel Goulart

Brazilian model Isabelle Goulard is one of the Victoria's Secret angels and shines with her ideal figure on Instagram.

Anllela Sagra

Fitness model and trainer Agniela Sagra from Colombia not only motivates her outside views, but also shares training programs.

Natalie Eva Marie

Model and wrestler Eva Marie looks very bright and trains a lot to stay in shape. She actively talks about her workouts in her profile.

Valeria Guznenkova

Russian woman Valeria Guznenkova moved to Los Angeles and now photographs her embossed abs and pumped up body against the backdrop of American landscapes. On the page, the finalist of the Russian Bodyfitness Championship talks about how hard she works on her body and suggests training programs.

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