Baby wrestler from Novosibirsk. Veronika Kemenova and her victories on the tatami

For the first time, many learned about Veronika Kemenova after various publications with the girl's fight on social networks. A video of a little athlete fighting a boy older than her has spread all over the Internet. Thanks to her talent and spontaneity, the whole country learned about Veronica.

In March this year, Veronica turned four years old. Already, the girl has one gold and two silver medals on her account, which she was able to receive at various jiu-jitsu competitions.

It should be noted that in Jiu-Jitsu, it is primarily important to be agile and flexible. That is why parents do not have to worry about their child (especially if it is a girl) gaining excess muscle mass.

Veronica has a sports family. Mom also plays sports, and the girl's dad works as a personal fitness trainer.

Eugene, Veronica's father, there was no doubt when he sent his child to the jujitsu section. He plays this sport himself, so he knows about it firsthand.

Young the athlete began training when she was not yet three years old. Before that, Veronica's parents trained the girl on their own at home to develop coordination and flexibility. Although they take the jiu-jitsu section from the age of four, they made an exception for the talented girl, since she was already sufficiently trained. So, at almost two and a half years old, she already started training in a group with other little wrestlers.

Veronica's father is always with her daughter to help and insure her at the right time.

To achieve her goal, the girl actively trains. Despite her young age, she is very responsible about her work. Her willpower would be the envy of many adults.

In addition to sports, Veronica has others hobbies. For example, the girl really likes English, she is also fond of drawing. On her page you can often see various drawings that the young athlete drew in class.

Veronica recently received another medal in the Best of All program. The girl dreamed of meeting with the host of the program, Maxim Galkin, and she succeeded. She not only met him, but alsoe and demonstrated a painful hold on it.

A 4-year-old girl has an account in Instagram that her father created. It was thanks to this that Veronica was noticed by the editors Best of all and invited to take part in the program. More than 6,000 people have already subscribed to the girl's account.

Now Veronica is able to fight the guys, who are even older than her. All this is thanks to the girl's love for sports and ju-jitsu. During various interviews, the little athlete has repeatedly said that she likes to train.

Of course, Veronica was able to achieve good results and participate in competitions thanks to daily training, which she does not forget even at home. Anything is good for class, even a teddy duck.

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