Babikov's values: 10 rules of life for a Russian biathlete

In our selection, we have collected several thoughts and photos from Anton Babikov's account in order to figure out: what helps this guy stay so simple, bright and cheerful and overcome one sports line after another, despite his failures.

● Rule # 1: Do not feel sorry for yourself in training
Training camp is not a reason to relax. This is a great opportunity to polish your skills, so even marathon distances are used. But then you can and deservedly rest.

● Rule # 2: Health is the key to victory
Low air temperature is a common occurrence for a biathlete. The main thing in this case is not to get sick. A nipple is a device that, with a large minus, heats the air inhaled by the athlete. For a skier or biathlete, this is a kind of protection against colds.

● Rule No. 3: If you have a rest, then with benefit
For athletes, even rest often becomes like training. Anton makes a choice in favor of climbing.

● Rule # 4: Feel harmony with nature
Snow-capped mountains, endless meadows, lush forests - only a small part of the natural component of Babikov's Instagram. Learning to enjoy, to appreciate the beauty of nature means learning to find harmony.

● Rule number 5: Don't forget about education
A book in Anton's account is quite a popular phenomenon. He himself said more than once in interviews that the reader was brought up in him in childhood. Every time he leaves home for a competition, he always takes a few books with him.

● Rule # 6: Love art
We have already talked about books and nature, but not about music. For example, Anton, in the company of his friends, visited the concert of Denis Matsuev, the famous Russian pianist. Obviously, art is far from being the last in Babikov's life.

● Rule No. 7: Do not forget your homeland
Biathletes are extremely rarely at home - constant flights and daily training do not provide an opportunity to see their relatives. But if the opportunity arises, Anton does not hesitate and immediately goes to his native land.

● Rule # 8: The team is the second family
Biathletes spend most of their time with the team - in training, training camps, competitions. The atmosphere in the team directly affects the psychological state of the athlete, therefore it is important to supporta warm relationship both between coaches and between biathletes. And even more important is to root for our people, even at the TV screen.

● Rule # 9: Stay Simple
Surviving star fever is a challenge for any famous athlete. Anton copes with: being with his family, laying tiles in the courtyard of the house, reviewing old photos - at such moments it doesn't matter how many medals and races you have behind your back.

● Rule # 10: Follow your dream
This is perhaps the main rule in the life of any person. Words are superfluous: just look at the happy faces of the guys from the Russian national team on the podium, and the questions will surely disappear by themselves.

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