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Autumn mode: what to run in when it's cold?

It is gradually getting colder outside, which means that the outdoor running season is quite naturally coming to its logical conclusion. Many runners will soon leave for gyms and indoor arenas, where they will continue to train until spring. But if you refer yourself to another part of the running community, to those same guys who are not afraid of +5 on the thermometer, then one way or another the question will arise before you: how to dress for a run so that it is comfortable? We turned to running experts with this question.

Misha Bykov , founder of the running school Typical marathon runner, member of the St. Petersburg marathon team:
“It's always easier to run in cool weather than in hot weather. Drizzling rain at a temperature of 15 degrees is considered ideal weather for competitions and hard training. Runs easier and you won't overheat. ”

What to wear?

T-shirt, T-shirt or long sleeve - several light layers. It is important to remember that the most important layer is the one that adjoins the body. In no case should you wear cotton clothing as a bottom layer. As you run, you will get warm and sweaty, and since the t-shirt is cotton, it will get wet.

Nadya Belkus , coordinator of the women's running club “Girls & Sole”:
“The principle of layering is very important. I put on two layers if it's not very cold, and three if it's freezing. I also warm my ass, I can put shorts on top of my leggings. ”

Windproof and waterproof jacket - outerwear should protect you from wind and moisture if you are going to run in a light drizzle. It can be a windbreaker made of special materials, such as can be found in the line of almost any sports brand.

Mikhail Kapitonov , Nike Running Club trainer:
“Often, out of several pairs of running shoes in rainy weather, runners choose sneakers with a more aggressive outsole (tread) pattern - it will help to better maintain grip on slippery surfaces, which is especially important when running on the ground. ”

High running socks - Don't forget about high running socks to avoid chilling your Achilles tendons.

Thin hat or bandage - you can run in a thin hat or bandage that will cover your ears. During this period, any wind is very cold and it is very easy to chill your ears. At the same time, running in a hat is sometimes too hot. Therefore, a special headband that covers only the ears is perfect.

What shouldn't you run?

Raincoat - in no case should you wear a waterproof raincoat as top layer, since in addition to its mainfunctions will retain moisture and heat inside, and your special clothing from the lower layer will no longer save.

Short socks - Low socks are unacceptable in cold weather.

We hope these tips will help you choose the right workout clothes, don't get sick and keep running even when it's cold outside and every workout becomes a way out of your comfort zone.

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