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Autumn at the start. Major sporting events in September

For those who do not need to study this year, September runs the risk of being a month that only symbolizes the end of hot summer days. So that the beginning of the autumn season does not seem boring and devoid of activity, we have compiled a calendar of sports events that are definitely worth participating in.

Absolute Moscow Marathon

When? September 22
Where? Moscow, Luzhniki Olympic Complex
Distances: 10 km / 42.2 km

Autumn at the start. Major sporting events in September


The country's main running event starts in 19 days. As part of the Moscow Marathon, you can not only test your strength, but also admire the picturesque views of the capital. The route of the race runs through the center of Moscow: from Luzhniki along the Moskva River embankment, along the Garden and Boulevard rings, across the Crimean bridge, along Tverskaya Street and Teatralniy Proezd, under the walls of the Kremlin.

A day before the main start, 21 September, young runners will be able to take part in the children's distance from the Moscow Marathon. It will take place at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. Groups of participants under 9 years old will cover distances of 400 m, and groups from 10 to 13 years old - 800 m.

To participate, you need paid registration during the Sports Exhibition on September 20 or 21 and a medical certificate.

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2019 Archery World Cup Final

When? September 6-7
Where? Prestigious alley of OK Luzhniki

The Moscow Cup Final will be the first archery event of such a global scale since the 1980 Olympics. Moscow will join the list of host cities for the World Cup stages this year - Medellin, Shanghai, Antalya and Berlin.

Competitions will be held among men and women in the categories of classic and compound bow in the individual and team championships. This year Russia in individual competitions will be represented by: Artem Makhnenko, Perova Ksenia, Sayana Li, Anton Bulaev and Natalya Avdeeva. In team competition - Erdem Irdineev and Elena Osipova in classic bow, Pavel Krylov and Elizaveta Knyazeva - in block bow.

Gran Fondo Russia

When? September 15
Where? Serpukhov, FINAM airfield
Distance: 30 km / 60 km / 90 km

The final of the largest in Russia a series of bike races Gran Fondo Russia. This time the race will take place in the Serpukhov region, which is known for its clean ecology and nature conservation areas. That is why participation in the bike ride combines both sporting events and a bike ride on roads free of transport. Each participant can travel a distance according to his level of training: 30, 60 or 90 km. You can also choose the format of the 90 km cycling race for the most stancesthem and experienced ones.

To participate, you need a paid registration, a working bike, a fastened helmet and a medical certificate.


IRONSTAR 226 Sochi 2019

When? October 12
Where? Sochi, Imeritinsky hotel complex
Distance: 226 km.

The largest triathlon competition will take place on October 12 in the Olympic city of Sochi. This competition was created for lovers of iron distance who are ready to overcome 3.86 km by swimming, 180 km by bicycle and 42.195 km by running. The format of the race provides for individual, team passage of the distance and the participation of paratriathletes. In addition to a large-scale competition and the opportunity to win the title of iron man, the participants will have a ceremonial closing of the triathlon season.

Registration and a set of required documents are required to participate.


Reebok. Become human

When? September 28-29
Where? Moscow, Mitino Landscape Park
Distance: at least 7 km / at least 10 km

The most massive race with breathtaking obstacles, which will allow you to test the capabilities of your body. By joining Reebok. Become human, you can spend the weekend with like-minded people. To become a participant in the race, you only need to assemble a team of 6 people (or join it) and choose a distance: Standard or Elite. And, of course, be ready to show your maximum strength.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.


Pulse of Good

When? September 7
Where? Kolomna, skating center Kolomna
Distance: 21.1 km / relay 2x10, 550 km

The Pulse of Kind charity run will be held this Saturday in Kolomna, Moscow region route Golden ring of Russia. By participating in the event, you contribute to the development of sports and a healthy lifestyle, as well as help orphans and those left without parental care, together with the Istok charity foundation.
Today you can choose two remaining distances: a half marathon and a relay race for two people. Hurry up before you run out of seats!

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.


Let's run together

Where? In a convenient place, at a convenient time
When? September 10 - October 10
Distance: 5 km / 10 km / 21, 1 km / 42.2 km

Autumn at the start. Major sporting events in September


The unusual digital event Run Together will start next week. Within the framework of the virtual athletics race, each participant will be able to choose a distance according to his strength and, most importantly, any convenient place and time to overcome it.
All collected funds will be used to finance research activities anddevelopment of new methods and means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.


For those who want to relax

Tired of summer starts and activities and want to enter the new season at a smoother pace? We have good news for you. On the weekend, Moscow celebrates City Day, which means there will be many interesting entertainment venues. We invite you to visit one of them.

Turetsky Choir and Soprano

Where? VDNKh
When? September 8

Autumn at the start. Major sporting events in September

Turetsky's choir and Soprano at one of the performances

Photo: Championship

The Turetsky Choir and Soprano will perform Songs about Moscow for you. Favorite compositions of several generations will sound on Lenin Square at 20:00.

Free admission!

VSCC Prescott Long Course September 2019

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