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Author's diet of Artemy Lebedev: you need to eat less

In one of our materials, we have already talked about the Lebedev-Ducan diet, thanks to which the famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev lost about 20 kg five years ago. Everything is moving, everything is changing, and, as Lebedev himself admitted in his blog, this diet is not so excellent and effective, so he decided to come up with and present his own author's way to get in shape without unnecessary stress.

Author's diet of Artemy Lebedev: you need to eat less

“ I don't know how to lose weight ”: the Dukan-Lebedev diet, on which you can eat everything

Lose weight according to Lebedev. Part one: how a businessman adapted the famous Dukan diet and lost 20 kg.

Artemy Lebedev, an excerpt from the diet presentation: Once a friend gave me a book Dukan's Diet, I had before in principle, he did not distinguish fats from proteins and carbohydrates. This is the only benefit of this book. The diet itself is very bad, it cannot be advised to anyone. Did I sit on it? and then I had such a sport, I tuned the FM wave to the figure to which I was losing weight. Accordingly, this is how I lost weight somewhere to Echo of Moscow, approximately. Then he somehow relaxed, again began to eat sushki, potatoes, all sorts of buns and gained 103 kg.

Artemy Lebedev prepared thoroughly for his presentation. The new method is based on the real fact that he once again managed to lose those extra pounds and lose weight.

All the diets we eat make you suffer. They all have some element of sectarianism. The same Dukan drowns for some unrefined cereals. Everywhere someone is trying to somehow cheat and make extra money on it.

The main idea

The point of Lebedev's diet is to make food easier. It is not necessary to finish up everything that is on the plate, you can limit yourself to a few forks, feel the taste of each bite, and be imbued with them.

Author's diet of Artemy Lebedev: you need to eat less


I invented diet and, like every diet writer, I named it by my name. I decided that I would make a diet that everyone needs, wholesome, universal, it consists of exactly two words: to eat less. Here's a simple secret.

As Lebedev himself admits, by observing this principle, he managed to lose 20 kg in 6 months without any emotional distress. In general, I have no feeling of hunger, no feeling of suffering, I do not run to the refrigerator at night to eat a cutlet. It just goes away by itself.

The point of the diet is that you can eat absolutely any product, there are no restrictions at all. It's all about the quantity and size of the portion.

I used to eat from a plate or three plates, and now from a saucer. And it turns out that this is quite enough for the body.

Artemy Lebedev is sure that it is not at all necessary to order three dishes and compote that are familiar to us from the Soviet past. To saturate the body wellBut not so much, and our eating up is nothing more than a deal with our conscience, which leads to extra pounds.

Author's diet of Artemy Lebedev: you need to eat less

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Before, I would have eaten this sandwich whole, now I have chewed off a small piece, and I have absolutely no feeling of hunger. The good thing about the diet is that you can get together in three or four and order one serving. For the greedy, this diet is ideal.

In his presentation, the designer compared food to the wind, and the stomach to a sail, which is inflated by food: I used to race in full sail, but now it is calm. He intends to continue to follow his principles further. Next year Artemy Lebedev intends to publish a book with a detailed story about his author's approach to nutrition.

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