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Athlete pets: who Ronaldo, Ovechkin and Tyson care about

Dogs, cats, rodents, parrots and more exotic species of animals, like iguanas, have long entered the usual rhythm of human life. Sportsmen are also not alien to smaller brothers. Some of them are even very similar to their masters. We have compiled a selection of the funniest pets for you.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This football player has always been famous for his love of dogs. Still, he is the owner of a charming Labrador named Marosk. Ronaldo also regularly donates money to charity at dog shelters.

Lionel Messi

The legendary footballer, 169 cm tall, in 2016 got a mastiff puppy named Hulk. The name of the pet Messi was not chosen by chance, because after a couple of months the puppy grew larger and became larger than its owner. But judging by the pictures on social networks, this does not prevent the Messi family from having fun with the dog. Mastiff is very friendly, to match his master.

Anna Kournikova

The world-famous tennis player, despite all her femininity, has a steel character. And in confirmation of this - love for big dogs.

Alexander Ovechkin

Russian hockey player, NHL star Alexander Ovechkin is a very brutal athlete. He chose a pet to match - a black Labrador.

Yaroslav Rakitsky

We do not know where the players have such love for dogs, but the Zenith player also has his own dog. True, it is difficult to call him a cute furry, because this is an Alaskan malamute.

Mike Tyson

The boxer, who was known for his cruelty in his youth, even tried to breed Bengal tigers. However, this was prohibited by state law. Therefore, Tyson switched to pit bulls.

The legendary boxer also claims to be very calming cooing pigeons.

Mario Balotelli

This Italian the football player has always been famous for his outrageousness. But the 2013 case is still heard by many fans. Balotelli got himself a pet pig! At first I wanted to name her after myself, but then I found out that she was a girl and gave the nickname Super.

Aleksey Shved

The famous basketball player in many interviews admitted that he is a cat lover with a huge experience , loves these pussies since childhood. However, not so long ago, the Swede started withBaku. It does not differ in size. This dissonance with the growth of the owner is very comical.

Mickey Moore

The American basketball legend has also been into animal husbandry since childhood. But his choice is very extravagant - these are reptiles, snakes. By the way, he even had the nickname Snakes in the team. And Moore also has a special passion for alligators.

Athlete pets: who Ronaldo, Ovechkin and Tyson care about

Dmitry Kombarov

A Russian footballer recently posted a very nice post on his Instagram with a hedgehog.

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