Major international sporting events to look forward to in 2020

At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

The upcoming 2020 promises to be active. The calendar of sporting events includes major marathons and half marathons, triathlon competitions, open water swimming and many sports festivals. If you wish, you can arrange for yourself a whole challenge. Start the year with a snowboarding holiday, go to triathlon competitions in spring, try to swim across the Volga in summer, and run 42.2 km in autumn! In our traditional selection, we tell you about the events of the coming year, which are definitely worth visiting.

Termitory Festival

When? February 7-9
Where? Rosa Khutor, Sochi, Russia

The event will be interesting not only for riders who have conquered all the red slides of Rosa Khutora resort, but also for those who have recently embarked on the board or just plans to do so. At the Termitory festival, professionals and participants in the Olympic Games will teach beginners to overcome the first slopes. And those who feel confident on the track will be able to attend special master classes and improve their skills. The training programs of the festival are designed for different levels of training, so that everyone can find the right one. In addition to training, competitions and entertainment will be organized: film screenings, a chill-out zone with video games and a corner of one of the famous Moscow tattoo parlors.

Participation in the festival is free.

New Star Camp 2020

When? March 27 - April 5
Where? Rosa Khutor, Sochi, Russia

In the spring of 2020, Sochi will host a vibrant New Star Camp festival, and you will have a chance to become a part of a big history. The program of the event includes three parts: sports, music and educational. During the day, participants will be able to compete in snowboarding and skiing, attend interesting lectures, workshops and film screenings. And in the evening, lovers of active rest will enjoy discos and concerts with guest stars and DJs. Also, within the framework of the festival, training programs will be organized for those who want to ski and snowboard or master yoga. A separate training plan is provided for children over 10 years old.

To attend the festival, you must issue a membership card and register.

Ironstar 113

When? July 4
Where? Kazan, Russia
Distance: 113 km

In the middle of summer we waiting for the Ironstar 113 triathlon competition - in other words, the same half. The participants of the start in Kazan will swim 1.93 km, ride a bicycle 90 km and finish the exhausting race with a half marathon - 21.1 km. Total time limitto complete the entire route will take 8 hours. You can overcome the distance both alone and in a team. At the end of the day of the competition, an award ceremony will be held for the winners and prize-winners in the absolute, in various age groups, among teams and paraathletes.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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X-Waters VOLGA 2020

When? July 26
Where? Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Distances: 1 km / 3 km / 5 km

The third swim across Europe's largest river will take place in 2020. For the first time, the organizers of X-Waters held competitions in the waters of the Volga in 2017. Since then, the start at this location has become one of the most significant swimming events in the CIS. Last year, 1800 swimmers from 17 countries took part in it.

Participants are offered three distances to choose from: from one to three kilometers - so that everyone can choose the most comfortable distance. It is important to remember that an athlete must be at least 18 years old at the start.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

X-Waters ARCTIC 2020

When? August 16
Where? Teriberka village, Murmansk region, Russia
Distances: 1 km / 1 arctic mile

And this extreme swim will appeal to fans of sharp - or rather cold - sensations. It takes place in the Arctic Ocean. The average water temperature in August is about + 6-8 degrees, but the swim promises to be hot. Two distances are offered for participants: 1 kilometer and 1 arctic mile. Interestingly, the actual length of the Arctic mile may vary depending on weather conditions.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Moscow Marathon

When? September 20
Where? Moscow, Russia
Distances: 42.2 km / 10 km

Autumn is the time of large-scale running events around the world. The most massive race in Russia, the Moscow Marathon, opens their series. Eventis officially a member of the Association of International Marathons and Races (AIMS). Not only professional athletes will be able to take part in the upcoming competition, but also those who have just begun to discover running for themselves. Runners are offered a choice of two distances: 42.2 km, that is, a classic marathon, and 10 km. Both routes will pass through the picturesque center of the capital: along the Moskva River embankment, the Garden and Boulevard rings, along Tverskaya Street and Teatralny Proezd.

To participate, you need a paid registration and a medical certificate. The cost of a slot depends on the category and time of registration. You can join the event now.
Learn more.

At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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Berlin Marathon

When? September 27
Where? Berlin, Germany
Distance: 42.2 km

The Berlin Marathon is next in line for international running events. This is one of the most significant starts in the world. Since 2008, the race has been awarded gold status according to the classification of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The first Berlin marathon took place in 1974: then 286 runners took part in it. Unlike the Moscow Marathon, there is only one option for the distance - 42.2 km. The route is planned so that the athletes will run past all the main attractions of the German capital. Athletes start from the Great Tiergarten Park and finish at the Brandenburg Gate.

There are quite a few people wishing to run the Berlin marathon, so the organizers are holding a lottery: the winners will be able to buy tickets to participate in the race. There are other conditions that allow you to be guaranteed to join the marathon.
Learn more about them on the official website.

Ironstar 226

When? October 10
Where? Sochi, Russia
Distance: 226 km

For those who lacked a half in the summer, on October 10 Ironstar will host the most major triathlon competitions in Russia and, in combination, the closing ceremony of the season. The total distance of 226 km is also known as an iron one, and abroad as 140.6 in terms of the number of miles covered. The competition program includes swimming for 3.86 km, cycling for 180 km and, it's hard to imagine, a marathon - running for 42, 2 km. In the 226 km triathlon race from Ironstar, you can participate both individually and with friends or colleagues - in the relay.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Chicago Marathon

When? October 11
Where? Chicago, USA
Distance: 42.2 km

The Chicago Marathon is one of the six most prestigious races in the world alongside with marathons in Boston, London, Berlin, New York and Tokyo. It was here that in 2019 Bridget Cosgey set the world record for the 42.2 km distance for women. The route of the competition runs in one circle through the streets and parks of a large metropolis and crosses the Chicago River six times. Participants start and finish at Grant Park, the most famous walking area in the Windy City.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate. Due to the large number of applicants, the right to purchase tickets is distributed during the lottery.

The New Year has not yet arrived, and we have already accumulated too many ambitious plans and reasons not to sit still. Choose any event you like, challenge yourself and go to the start in 2020!

At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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At the start of 2020. The main sporting events of the coming year

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