At the start Alexander Lesun

We met with Alexander at the finish line of the XVII WORLD CLASS GAMES named after Dmitry Zhirnov to find out about his plans for the coming season and training.

- How often do you take part in amateur races?

- This is my first time taking part in such an event. The atmosphere is pleasant, the impressions were positive!

At the start Alexander Lesun

Photo: RIA Novosti

- Do such starts have their own adrenaline or are you nervous only competing with professional athletes?
- This, of course, is not a race for the result. I understand that this is still a race aimed at improving and popularizing a sports lifestyle. My participation in this race is not for the sake of a beautiful finish, it is in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and bring a healthy lifestyle to the masses. On the other hand, I think that ordinary people who ran with us today had enough adrenaline, especially at the finish line ( smiles ).

- Do you have any free time? Are easy runs for yourself?
- I do 6 days a week, 5 workouts a day. I don't have the strength to run for myself, and is it necessary with such loads. In principle, all the workouts in my schedule are very diverse, there are also light running workouts where you just need to run an hour's cross. In this case, I can even run to the music, I really like it.

- What does your typical day look like?
- I get up at 8 in the morning, I spend 2-3 trainings until 1:00, depending on the day of the week. Then from 13 to 15:30 about lunch, and then again two or three workouts. I'm trying to do 5 types in a day, but 4 types is the minimum. I usually finish my workout around 7 pm

Tips for beginners in running:
There are several principles of the training process: constancy and gradualness are some of them. You can't just run with all your might and do nothing tomorrow. You need to start with small volumes, maybe even walking. Initially, you can run for only 20 minutes, we cannot run - we switch to walking, gradually we will come to running.

- Recently you were recognized as the athlete of the year by the Ministry of Sports. How did you feel?
- I was pleased because our sport ( pentathlon. - Ed. ) is not very popular, and that I was declared the best athlete of the year and awarded, gives a great incentive and impetus to the popularization of our sport and, in general, Olympic sports in Russia. Many people know football and hockey, and sports such as pentathlon tend to stay out of the reach of the general public. They are more or less remembered only during the Olympic Games, and this is very sad.

- Why do you think pentathlon is not as popular a sport as, for example, football?
- Football is monotonous, but it is a very understandable sport: a person takes the ball, then he dribbles or is dodged, and the result is a goal. Here, init looks very simple. But in order to understand such sports as, for example, pentathlon or gymnastics, you need to know and take into account a lot of details and subtleties, even with a scoring system. This is the first thing. The second is elementary financing. If the same huge sums as in football were invested in the pentathlon, everything would be different. Any kind of sport can be promoted. A striking example is biathlon. Biathlon used to be in the same federation with modern pentathlon. And when in the 80s they knew pentathletes, they did not know the biathletes and did not perceive them at all. And over the past 10-20 years, due to large and correct investments, there has been a sharp popularization of biathlon.

- If it were necessary to remove one species from the pentathlon, what would it be?
- I cannot answer this question. Because our species are very incompatible with each other, they do not harmonize. Each species is essentially mutually exclusive. The swimmer cannot run, the runner cannot swim. The fencer cannot shoot. I can't remove any of the views, because they are all very interesting.

- You once said that women in big sports are ugly.
- I think this is a rather loud statement. I still think so. Women in big sports should only be in a few disciplines. For example, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, ice dancing. In no case, not a barbell or even a run.

- Do you associate this only with the girl's appearance or also with the character, which is different for professional athletes?
- No, all athletes are very interesting personalities. I don't say anything about character. It's just that every sport has its own specifics, and when a girl, originally a beautiful creature, becomes a weightlifter, this is unacceptable for me.

- Now there is a cult of races, and many people go to the start without proper preparation. How do you feel about this?
- It is very dangerous for the body. I believe that there are a lot of specialized institutions, for example, even the organizers of today's World Class event, where they can correctly explain and convey to ordinary people: why you can't just start running spontaneously. Running the top ten is not so difficult, the main thing is that there will be no problems later. With legs, with a heart, with vessels, God forbid. In sports, you need to approach everything more or less professionally.

At the start Alexander Lesun

Photo: RIA Novosti

- Why do you think running is becoming so popular?
- First, it's interesting. The very physical activity, plus you run and see how everything changes around you. The treadmill is not as fun as the park, I think. And it's not expensive. I put on sneakers, a T-shirt - and ran. And it also gives a very good load on the body, practically on all muscle groups.

- What advice can you give to a beginner who wants to start jogging?
- Buy a good shape ... Choose the right crossscoops, T-shirt, pants to make it comfortable. There are several principles of the training process: constancy and gradualness are some of them. You can't just run with all your might and do nothing tomorrow. You need to start with small volumes, maybe even walking. Initially, you can run for only 20 minutes, we cannot run - we switch to walking, and gradually we will come to running. If you already have some kind of base, you can never run the same load every day. You need to run differently every day, the day is stronger, the day is weaker. It is much more useful for the body.

- Tell us about the upcoming starts and future plans.

- Now the European Championship, World Championship, in four years Tokyo. Getting ready, working, let's see what happens.

Lesung in einer Palmblattbibliothek in Indien

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