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At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

World Marathon Majors is the most prestigious series of races in the world. Since 2006, it has been held annually and today it consists of the so-called big six: London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo marathons. Every dedicated running fan dreams of getting to at least one of these starts, but it's not so easy to do it. We will tell you what major starts exist and how to get into the number of participants.

Boston Marathon

Official name: Boston Marathon.
Maximum number of participants: 30 thousand
How to get in? Through charity; qualify.

The oldest official marathon in the world has been held in Boston since 1897. The symbol of this race is the unicorn, which is the ideal that everyone is chasing, but no one can catch up with. It is noteworthy that the start always takes place on the third Monday in April - American Patriots Day. The marathon route runs through eight small Massachusetts towns: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brooklyn and Boston.

Those who run the Boston Marathon for the first time have a tradition of buying a branded jacket at the expo for the day before the start and be sure to wear it after the finish. Each year the color of the merch changes, so it can be used to determine when the marathon runner covered his first distance.

Registration for the marathon takes place more than six months before the event - in September. It requires proving that you are truly capable of participating at a decent level. To confirm your qualifications, you must run one of the races with a certified route: for example, the Moscow Marathon. You need to cover the distance at least five minutes faster than the standard set by the organizers for your age group. Such qualifications have an expiration date: in 2020, only races after September 15, 2018 are taken into account.

You can also get to the start through charitable activities. For this, the amount of the contribution must exceed $ 5 thousand.

The cost of a trip to the Boston Marathon is not limited to the entry fee. On average, you will have to budget more than $ 2,200 for a sports trip, excluding living expenses and daily expenses.

Slot Cost $ 200 for US residents, $ 250 for foreigners
Flight Moscow-Boston and back $ 1,800
Visa $ 160

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London Marathon

Official name: Virgin Money London Marathon.
Maximum number of participants: 43 thousand
How to get in? Participate in the lotterye; with the help of a charity or a tour operator; qualify if you are a UK resident.

London Marathon has been running since 1981 ... It was organized by the Olympic medalists Chris Brasher and John Disley. In 1979, Brasher ran the New York Marathon and was so impressed that he decided to organize the same event at home.

The London Marathon is difficult for foreigners to get to. The first marathon in the English capital wanted to run 20 thousand people, of which only 7.7 thousand were approved. Now out of 50 thousand applications, about half goes to UK residents. Another 20 thousand are received by those who collect contributions for charitable foundations. And only 5 thousand registration places remain for fast foreign runners and sponsors.

Athletes from abroad can also contact the official tour operator to buy a sports tour from him and get a guaranteed slot for the race.

In 2020, the London Marathon lottery, which runs in early May, was submitted 457 thousand applications - this is an absolute record in the history of the race.

The London Marathon raises huge amounts of charitable aid - over a billion dollars for various foundations. Many charity contributors run in fancy dress.

If you are lucky enough to participate in the London launch, you should set aside more than $ 600 in start-up costs.

Slot Cost $ 52 for UK residents, $ 106 for foreigners
Flight Moscow-London and back $ 390
Visa $ 120

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At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

Race calendar: the main starts of Russia in 2020

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At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

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This year registration for the race opened almost a year before the next start. And this is far from the limit of perfection.

Berlin Marathon

Official name: BMW Berlin-Marathon.
Maximum number participants: 50 thousand
How to get there? To participate in the lottery; with the help of a charity or a tour operator; qualify.

The Berlin Marathon is the easiest in terms of logistics. It has been held since 1974, usually on the last weekend of September. Since 2003, runners have been finishing in the center of the German capital, near the Brandenburg Gate. By the way, there was a village in BerlinMost marathon world records have been posted.

To get to the race, you have to participate in the lottery, which is held almost a year before the upcoming event - in October and November. There are a couple more ways to be guaranteed to become a member: apply through a charitable foundation or an official tour operator. The trip should be priced at least $ 674, excluding housing and daily expenses.

Slot Cost $ 139 regular slot, $ 211 charity one.
Flight Moscow-Berlin and back $ 426
Visa $ 37

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Chicago Marathon

Official name: Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
Maximum number of participants: 53 thousand
How to get there? Participate in the lottery; with the help of a charity or a tour operator; qualify.

The first marathon in Chicago was held in 1977, then it started 4 thousand participants. Since that time, the race has grown to 53 thousand participants and gained incredible support from the townspeople. More than 1.7 million Chicagoans take to the streets to cheer on runners. The start route is varied and interesting, as it passes through all 29 boroughs of Chicago.

You You can participate in the event if you have finished five or more Chicago marathons in the past ten years or met the qualification standard - 3: 15.00 for men and 3: 45.00 for women. Those who fall short of qualifications and did not run the required number of starts have to participate in the lottery in October and November, become a benefactor or contact a tour operator.

The Chicago Marathon, like any start in the USA, will not be cheap. for the cost of the flight and visa. The minimum amount you have to spend is $ 2.23K.

Slot Cost $ 195 for US residents, $ 220 for foreigners
Flight Moscow-Chicago and back $ 1.85 thousand
Visa $ 160

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New York City Marathon

Official name: TCS New York City Marathon.
Maximum number of participants: 54 thousand
How to get there? Participate in the lottery; with the help of a charity or a tour operator; qualify.

The New York City Marathon is officially the largest in the world. It has been held annually since 1970, with the exception of 2012, when it was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.

The marathon is one of thecity ​​cards and a special pride of the New York Road Runners (NYRR). Since the first race, which registered 127 people and finished 55, the number of finishers has exceeded one million. Interestingly, the very first start ran in circles in Central Park.

The course of this race is not allowed attributed to the lungs. There are many turns and slides on it, but this did not prevent 53 thousand participants from finishing last year. You can get into their number in the future with the help of the January qualification, a lottery held in February, charity or a sports tour.

The New York Marathon is also notable for the largest prize money - $ 803 thousand and $ 500 thousand for the track record. Such amounts are an additional source of motivation for participants. But to become a part of the event, you will also have to spend a lot - at least $ 2.1 thousand.

Slot Cost $ 295 for US residents, $ 255 for NYRR members, $ 358 for foreigners
Flight Moscow-New York and back $ 1.6 thousand
Visa $ 160

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At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

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At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

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Tokyo Marathon

Official name: Tokyo Marathon.
Maximum number of participants: 37.5 thousand
How to get there? Participate in the lottery; with the help of a charity or a tour operator; qualify for foreigners.

The Tokyo Marathon is the youngest of the World Marathon Majors series and fast growing. It was held for the first time in 2007, then more than 30 thousand people took part in the race. Today the number of those wishing to overcome the distance exceeds 300 thousand people. Of these, only 37.5 thousand get the opportunity to go to the start. The Tokyo Marathon was particularly popular this year for the Summer Olympics.

To become a participant in the event, you must participate in the lottery. It is held in August. There are also alternative ways: the July qualification for foreigners, charity and assistance from a tour operator. More than $ 2,000 should be set aside for a trip to Japan.

Slot Cost $ 96 for Japanese residents, $ 115 for foreigners
Flight Moscow-Tokyo and back $ 1.9 thousand
Visa $ 37

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What is Six Star Finisher and how to get this status?

For new records, major marathons come both and amateurs. This is not only a unique experience for them, but also an opportunity to receive the official title of Six Star Finisher.

The participant receives this status if he managed to overcome the distances in each of the six major marathons. At the finish of the sixth race in the series, the runner is awarded a certificate from AbbottWMM and a special Six Star finisher medal. For many, the desire to win a prestigious award is a challenge to oneself and incredible motivation. According to the rules, a medal and status can only be won twice.

At the pace of the run. What are marathons and how to get to them

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