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At the end of the season: a new race from the Moscow Marathon team

On October 7, 2017, a new race will take place from the Promsvyazbank team of the Moscow Marathon - the Lisya Gora cross. The name of the new start was not chosen by chance, it is connected with the history of the place of the cross - the race will be held on a dry meadow in the Bitsevsky forest, where foxes used to be.

Spectacular track

Starting this year, in addition to For the mass road races, the organizers will organize two cross-country races - in autumn and spring. Cross-country is a cross-country run. The trail of cross races runs on grass or ground and may include various obstacles. This makes cross-country races more spectacular and limits the number of participants.

At the end of the season: a new race from the Moscow Marathon team


Selecting a distance

The route of the Lisya Gora cross-country runs on unpaved surface. Participants will be able to test their strength depending on age at distances from 2 km to 8 km. The starts are divided into women's and men's and are held separately depending on the age category. The winners will be awarded in each category. Separation by gender and age is a common worldwide practice in cross-country running. Prizes and cash rewards await the top three leaders of each distance.

Schedule of starts:

8:00. Reception opening, changing rooms and luggage storage
10:00. Start for girls 18-19 years old for 2 km
10:20. Start for boys 18-19 years old at 4 km
11:00. Women 35 and older start at 4 km
11:40. Start for men 35 years and older at 6 km
12:40. Start of women 20-22 years old and 23-34 years old at 6 km
13:40. Start for men 20-22 years old and 23-34 years old at 8 km at 15:00. The end of the competition.

For more information and directions, see the official website of the Lisya Gora cross.

For information on how to dress correctly at a distance, read our material on choosing the right equipment.

At the end of the season: a new race from the Moscow Marathon team

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