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At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic that broke out in December 2019 continues to spread. At the same time, as the number of sick people grows, the precautions are also tightened. At some point, they touched on sports - an area that is forced to squeeze its capabilities in favor of safety. We tell you whether you should be seriously afraid of a new virus and how exactly does it affect the sports world.

What is coronavirus and should you be afraid of it?

For the first time, they started talking about the disease on such a large scale in December 2019 ... Then, in the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus began. Subsequently, it was given the official name - COVID-19, and the epidemic spread to other countries.

At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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To date, more than 95 thousand people have been infected with the coronavirus, and more than 53 thousand of them have already recovered. Although there are about 3.3 thousand deaths, there is no need to panic. First, in the vast majority of cases, the deceased had concomitant serious illnesses. Secondly, people in old age and with weakened immunity are especially difficult to tolerate the disease. In the end, there are six cases of infection in Russia, and, as doctors say, patients are isolated and carefully monitored.

At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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Prevention: how to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Despite the fact that fear and panic are unnecessary, you need to protect yourself from the virus - within reason. Doctor Ksenia Mashkina told on her Instagram that the opinion about the possibility of getting infected in our country is still exaggerated.

Ksenia: Infected through things from China very difficult. The virus, of course, can be alive for two more days outside the host, but it is getting weaker every hour. And for the development of a full-fledged clinical picture, many virulent agents are needed (Virulence is the degree of a virus's ability to infect an organism - Ed.) . By the way, if you get sick with coronavirus, you cannot immediately distinguish it from a common cold. But after a few days, when pneumonia may develop, it will become clear whether this is a corona or a banal rhinitis. But it is better not to bring it to this and immediately start symptomatic treatment. At risk are young children and the elderly. Although they are at risk for any infection.

At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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This confirms the opinion that you should always listen to your own health and seek help.see a doctor if you have worrying symptoms. These include high fever, cough, shortness of breath, and a runny nose. Of course, even in the aggregate, they do not mean that you definitely have a coronavirus. But after all, it is necessary to properly treat even a cold.

You can protect yourself from infection with the help of prevention. Doctors recommend:

  • Keep your hands clean. Wash them regularly with soap and water and carry an antiseptic.
  • Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with dirty hands.
  • Keep surfaces and devices clean with which you often interact.
  • Carry disposable wipes with you. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and then throw them away.
  • Always ventilate the area.
  • Be careful in crowded places. Do not touch foreign surfaces or objects, and do not put your hands to your face.
  • Share prevention information with others.
At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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How does the coronavirus affect sport?

Postponement or cancellation of major events

Since international sports gathers a huge number of people in certain places, these events were threatened in the first place ... At the moment, the world championships in alpine skiing and short track speed skating, the Davis Cup match China - Romania, the Pro League hockey matches in Changzhou, the Paris Marathon and several large-scale golf tournaments, which were supposed to be held in the Celestial Empire, have been canceled.

Rescheduled for the Chinese Motorsport Grand Prix, World Athletics Championships, Chinese Super League, Serie A matches at Euro 2020 and many other events. There are suggestions that the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo may also be postponed until winter, since about a thousand people have become infected in Japan.

The exact fate of the Ski World Cup in Norway and the European Championships is still unknown. football.

Running competitions without spectators

Another way to make competitions safer is to hold them without spectators. That is why the public could not attend the Europa League match Inter - Ludogorets. Also, fans will not be allowed to the stage of the Biathlon World Cup in the Czech Republic, the Davis Cup match Japan - Ecuador and absolutely all sports events that will be held in Italy until April 3.

new to participate

Many athletes refuse to travel to major competitions due to the coronavirus spreading across Europe. For example, Russian and Romanian gymnasts will not appear at the Grand Prix stage in the Czech Republic. And our synchro swimmers will not go to the World Series in France.

Restrictions for China

The Celestial Empire has lost both all domestic and international competitions. And if they were not canceled or postponed, then they made another country the venue. For example, China had to host Olympic qualifying tournaments in boxing, women's football and basketball. The first two events were planned to be held in Wuhan, the center of the epidemic. As a result, Jordan, Serbia and Australia were entrusted with organizing the tournaments.

In addition, one of the Chinese ice hockey teams plays in the KHL. The Kunlun Red Star club was forced to play away games during the last month of the regular season.

The Chinese runners were also not in the best conditions. In some cities of the country, residents were forbidden to move along the streets. Therefore, the marathoners, in order not to lose their shape, continued training in the apartment. So athlete Pan Shancu, who is called the god of running in Hangzhou, covered 50 kilometers in five hours. He mapped the route around his bed.

At risk. What events may be canceled due to coronavirus

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The Economic Impact Of Coronavirus Event Cancellations

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