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At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

Extreme is what many travelers are after. True, extreme rest seems to everyone differently. For some, it is enough to try an exotic dish at the resort to close the tickling gestalt for the year ahead. Others conquer new heights, travel to unknown places, dare to do crazy things - and this is not enough for them.

Among fans of extreme sports, the name Vitaly Raskalov has become known for a long time. In 2011, before the YouTube platform reached the peak of popularity, the videos of the roofer were gaining millions of views there. For several years, he climbs to the top of the tallest buildings, bridges and other architectural structures of different countries to speak out to the world, quench his thirst for adrenaline and, of course, take dozens of mesmerizing pictures.

Bullying and misunderstanding. How did Vitaliy Raskalov become a roofer?

Vitaliy was born in a small Ukrainian village in the Cherkasy region and spent his entire childhood there. At the age of 13, the guy moved to Moscow with his mother and gradually began to feel the atmosphere of the metropolis. According to the rufer himself, school times turned out to be extremely difficult for him: he faced misunderstandings from peers, cursing teachers because of poor language skills and even harassing him as a stranger whose interests were not clear in society.

Since then, the guy has been striving to be realized and to show others that he is capable of a lot. Therefore, at the age of 17, he became a roofer - a man who climbs onto the roofs of various buildings. Then this hobby bore a youthful message, but now it has clearly gone beyond a teenage hobby.

At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

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The height of 350 meters was not immediately conquered, one of them fell off the cable.

At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

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What famous buildings has the roofer already conquered?

High-rise buildings, bridges and monuments Raskalov conquered not alone, but with a team of the same daredevils - on the roofs . Together they climbed the bridge of the Russian island, the Stalinist skyscraper on Barrikadnaya, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Aniva lighthouse on Sakhalin, the Votivkirche in Vienna and the 70 Pine skyscraper in New York.

Roofers once paid special attention to Asian countries, because they are, perhaps, the most impressive high-altitude megacities in the world. The team has conquered the summits of the Xionhin Towers in Shenzhen, Lotte in Seoul and the Shanghai Tower.

The most cheeky adventure of the guys was a trip to Hong Kong. Climbing on a local skyscraper, they hacked the system and uploaded their message to a huge advertisement banner - What's up Hong Kong ?.

At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

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At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

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The pursuit is not for comfort. How does Raskalov travel?

Recently, Vitaly has slightly moved away from his former hobby. Now he is traveling not with the aim of conquering another height, but in order to explore new routes. Their lion's share are places that are absolutely unpopular among tourists or are completely inaccessible to them.

For example, Raskalov visited the mountains of Indonesia, in the canyons of Dagestan, in an abandoned city on the Spitsbergen archipelago, on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan, at the waterfalls of Iceland, in the deserts of Mongolia and even took a ride on a freight Mauritanian train long 200 cars. In one of the interviews, he recalled that trip in the pile of coal with joy and irony:

In 2017, the traveler wasto get to Baikonur, and in 2019 - to the closed area of ​​the Atacama Large Millimeter Array in the Chilean Atacama Desert. The complex of radio telescopes that observe electromagnetic radiation can only be approached with permission from NASA.

It seems that Vitaly Raskalov belongs to a special kind of travelers, for whom emotions are much more important than comfort. We believe that even more unexplored routes full of extreme will open to such people in the future.

At flight altitude. Unusual routes from Roofer for extreme travel around the planet

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