How Long Does SARS-CoV-2 Last on Surfaces? What We Know

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?

In many Russian cities, including Moscow, restrictions imposed by the coronavirus are gradually being lifted. International borders are opening, air traffic is being restored. And the threat of a pandemic seems less and less real. Therefore, many are in a hurry to return to their usual way of life: they actively plan travel, neglect social distance and refuse personal protective equipment.

But how justified is such a rush? Could the virus just evaporate? We are working together with the leading expert of the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, partner of the International Festival of Healthy Lifestyle and Sports SN PRO EPXO FORUM Mikhail Lebedev.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?

What will happen to tourism after the pandemic? The expert answers

We tell which countries are already opening their borders and where the Russians will go after the end of self-isolation.

Has the coronavirus disappeared?

Some have perceived the partial lifting of restrictions as a call for an active social life: supposedly, COVID-19 is no longer dangerous, and life will immediately return to its usual course. However, this approach is strange to say the least. The virus has not disappeared anywhere, but its circulation continues. As the expert notes, this can be seen from daily statistics.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?


Mikhail: Now we have a fairly stable picture, but at the same time, every day there are new infected. On average, more than 5 thousand new cases are detected in Russia per day, and if you take Moscow - more than 600. It is these figures that do not allow us to say that the virus has gone somewhere, although we would very much like to.

less circulation of the coronavirus has still noticeably decreased, the expert admits. For comparison, in the midst of a pandemic, about 20% of the examined smears (tests for infection) turned out to be positive. Now, according to the epidemiologist, their number does not exceed 1%.
This trend can be called positive, but this does not mean that the virus has really disappeared, and the world is no longer threatened by a pandemic. Accordingly, you do not need to relax.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?

How to wear a mask correctly and whether it can protect against the virus

Recommendations WHO and expert opinion.

Masks can you not wear?

According to the doctor, today the main task is to minimize the circulation of coronavirus. Therefore, the observance of social distance and personal protective equipment are still necessary.
To be more effective, medical masks or respirators must be worn by the vast majority. This is especially important where distance is difficult - in public transport, shops and during public events.

Mikhail: You do not need to wear them on the street (masks - Ed.) , since the virus does not fly through the air, but is transmitted by airborne droplets and through surfaces.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?


Also, don't forget about hand hygiene - wash them regularly and thoroughly with soap and use disinfectants.

As the doctor notes, the virus will really disappear only if we all follow the necessary protective measures.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?

You don't even need vodka! How to make a hand sanitizer at home

We prepare a hand sanitizer according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

Are they fined for violation of the mask regime?

Although in Russia, as in some other countries, restrictive measures have been softened, penalties for violation of the mask regime still exist.

As if evaporated: where did the coronavirus go?

Where to go after quarantine? Test

We will find out what suits you best: lazy beaches or walking Europe.

Tourists should be especially careful about this - although many states have opened borders for travelers, observe epidemiological precautions are still needed. Here are a few countries that continue to have fines for the lack of medical masks:

Russia: from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Turkey: 900 Turkish Lira (9095 rubles).

Germany: from € 15 (1300 rubles) to € 500 (43 450 rubles).

United Kingdom: £ 100 (RUB 9614).

France: € 150 (RUB 13,034).

Italy : up to € 1000 (86,899 rubles).

USA: from $ 300 (22,113 rubles) to $ 500 (36,856 rubles).

Covid-19: why travel will never be the same | The Economist

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