Six-Year-Old Does 4200 Push Ups in Two Hours

Armenian Bruce Lee. How many times did the world workout champion push up?

Athlete Aharon Virabyan has already entered his name in the Guinness Book of Records and does not stop at his achievements. First, he did 107 push-ups on the uneven bars, then repeated Bruce Lee's unique push-ups on two fingers of one hand. Now the representative of Armenia has won the world street workout championship in Pskov.

Armenian Bruce Lee. How many times did the world workout champion push up?

The most difficult push-ups: only a few make them in the world

New world records from workouters from Russia. Did you think you can do push-ups?

The championship was held on a specially equipped workout area, where in 2018 the Workout games competitions, implemented by the Russian Workout Federation, took place. Pskov hosts large-scale sports events as part of the federal project Sport - the norm of life, which is included in the national project Demography.

Athletes from 18 countries took part in the competition, including Brazil, Chile, Morocco and Norway. Aaron competed in the power workout category, showing excellent results:

- pull-ups with an additional weight of 24 kg - 18 reps,

- push-ups on the uneven bars with a weight of 32 kg - 38 reps,

Squats 90kg - 86 reps.

Dmitry Lipanov took the second place on the podium, the third went to an athlete from Poland.

Armenian Bruce Lee. How many times did the world workout champion push up?

Better than Bruce Lee. The Russian athlete broke the record of the legend at the walls of the Kremlin

He did two-finger push-ups 55 times in a minute and will now enter the Guinness Book of Records.

How does Aaron manage to defeat his rivals and break records?

Of course, it's a matter of long and persistent preparation, but not without genetics. He began training under the influence of stories about his grandfather - the world champion in weightlifting.

But the athlete himself believes that it is important to cultivate the spirit of a warrior. His records are not for the sake of earnings or fame. Aaron's goal is to draw attention to himself in order to promote healthy lifestyles among today's young people.

Most push ups in one hour - Guinness World Records

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