DIY Fold-Out Gym | How to make a CrossFit style gym at home

Anything is possible: how to turn a balcony into a crossfit platform?

Not everyone likes to go to the gym: you first need to collect your thoughts, then pack the necessary things, get to the gym itself, change clothes, work out, sometimes stand in line for the simulator, change clothes again, take a shower - in short, a lot of actions are required and time. And someone just doesn't like to exercise in front of everyone. And, importantly, you have to pay good money for a good hall.

There are people who buy workout equipment at home. We decided to figure out how profitable it is to turn part of your living space into a gym.

Take, for example, the equipment for CrossFit and your balcony as a platform so as not to clutter up living rooms. Of course, the hall at home is unlikely to be very spacious. It should be noted right away that CrossFit requires an area of ​​about 10m2. This is per person. Let's try to fit the necessary inventory and calculate how much it will cost us.

We look at the equipment at - so we can find some of the most affordable options.

  • Barbell 15 kg 7413 rubles
  • Pancakes (6 pieces) 3032 rubles
  • Horizontal bar (frame) 7082 rubles
  • Rope 3 369 rublesRings 1954 rubles
  • Rowing machine 42 387 rubles
  • Medicine ball (volball) 1348 rubles
  • Roller for muscles 1348 rubles
  • Elastic bands for stretching 674 rubles
  • Kettlebell 27 kg 1078 rubles

Total: 69 685 rubles.

CrossFit gym membership for a year is unlikely to be cheaper. Even if you can find a more budgetary option, it will be a waste of only 12 months. You can use your home gym much longer.

We used elements of equipment for CrossFit as a basis ... If you are not interested in this area and you want to make a mini-gym for standard workouts, the total amount can be much less, depending on your needs.

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