Another "pancake" for the night? Interview with Anastasia Vladimirova

What if crossfit training is no longer three hours a week, but a lifestyle? Of course, to develop in this direction and achieve new heights, since there are plenty of competitions in which athletes can prove themselves.

Master of Sports in Swimming, finalist of the Big Summer Cup - 2016, 3rd place in Russia among women in Turin the Open, winner of the Christmas Throwdown tournament, Idol throwdown medalist, participant of The Regionals 2017 - Anastasia Vladimirova managed to achieve all these titles at the age of 22, which means more. With great pleasure we will continue to follow new turns in her career, the next competition in which Nastya will take part, the “Big Cup” - a tournament, the participants of which will compete for the title of the most physically prepared athlete. It was on this topic that we managed to talk with the athlete and find out how her training is going.

- How did your passion for professional sports begin?
- It so happened that I life went in for sports, it is customary in our family. Mom, dad and uncle are masters of sports in judo. The younger brother is a swimming master. But the main driver of activity was my grandfather - from an early age he taught me to long bike rides, swimming in the river, pull-ups and push-ups. All this was accompanied by hikes for mushrooms and berries, since I spent every vacation in the village, until I got into the national team.

- At what point did you start to get involved not only in swimming, but also in other disciplines, for example, CrossFit?
- By the time I got acquainted with CrossFit, I had finished my professional career as a swimmer, so as she entered the medical institute. At that moment I was training in the gym, I went out on the water no more than 2-3 times a week (during the competition period there were two trainings on the water six days a week and also training on land). And one day my friend Dmitry Belyakov just suggested trying to make a couple of WODs. He thought I was good at it - he was right.

- How does it feel to be one of the 60 most physically fit girls in the world at 22?
- It's very motivating! You understand how much more work lies ahead, because I'm not the first one yet (smiles).

- How did you find out about the Grand Cup? What do these competitions mean to you?
- I learned that the Big Cup will be held in August back in January, and then I planned to participate. For me this is a kind of exam, as far as I have progressed since the last competition.


CrossFit: in pursuit of the championship

Moscow will host a championship for the title of the most physically prepared people - Big Cuside.

- How long is your preparation for the tournament this year?
- There are no seasons in CrossFit, so our preparation is year-round. But the system changed drastically after the start at regional competitions. There was an opportunity to get inspired by foreign athletes and understand that they are people like us. And the only thing to do is to plow. This is how work began with Alexey Nemtsov, who is my current coach.

- What are your expectations from participation in these competitions?
- I try not to wait for anything, and even more so not to guess. In this regard, I am superstitious (smiles) . I hope to get a lot of positive emotions, have a good "hack" and, as they say, without injuries, this is generally the most important thing!

- Do you have any global sports goals for the future?
- First of all, to realize oneself as an athlete, reaching the world level. Get to Crossfit Games.

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The first thing an athlete should know when preparing for a competition is that your training will not work if you do not pay attention to your recovery (sleep, nutrition, stretching, massage). And you don't need motivation if you keep discipline.

Emotions are my biggest enemy on the way to great physical shape. Sometimes, when something doesn't work out, you just need to wipe away your tears and try again and again. Just endure!

My motivation to start playing sports is the opportunity to get better every day, to learn new things and always be in shape.

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