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Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

For the second year in a row, Moscow hosts a football tournament among the teams of Moscow universities - the Student Champions Cup.

A total of 120 teams from various Moscow universities have registered for the tournament. including 9 women. The best teams from last year's Student Cup made it to the 1/16 playoffs. The rest were divided into groups of three teams each. Only one team left the group.

Not so long ago the final of the tournament took place, where teams from MIREA and Moscow State Pedagogical University played against each other. A team from MIREA became the winner of SKC-2018.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Student Champions Cup

The championship spoke with the winner of the Student Cup of Champions tournament, as well as the coach of the MIREA team Aleksey Menshenin and found out how the composition of the university national team is formed, what are the restrictions in student football, who appoints the coach of the team, and how training is often held with student football players. Alexey is only 23 years old, and he has been coaching the national team of his university for four years, so he knows firsthand about the most important aspects of student football.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Students' Cup of Champions

The national team of the university and the professional club

First of all, it is important to note that in student football, as in professional football, a player can play for the national team of his university and the club. However, unlike professional football, where national team and club matches do not take place on the same day, in college football they can coincide. Therefore, some players who already play in a professional club are not often able to play for the national team of their university.

Alexey Menshenin : When I was 2-3rd year, I played in the third division and trained there. Now we have several players who also have professional contracts. One even the captain of the youth team of Lokomotiv. Another student plays in the third division. We also have a footballer from the Russian youth team. Of course, they often fail to play for the national team of the university, but when there is an important game, they can come to support us.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo : Student Champions Cup

How is the squad formed for the season?

The squad for the season is chosen by the coach of the team. In addition to him, the team captain can participate in the selection, as well as some experienced players of the first team.

I am now 23 years old, and it so happened that for four years now I have been the coach of the MIREA team. Our coach was fired, and slowly everything was transferred to me. Therefore, it is I who conduct training and the selection of players for the team. I also invite experienced guys from the team to the selection, who can share their opinions. Together with them, we select people, until at the end we formulate the roster.

The selection of players for the team is held in September, at the beginning of the academic year.
Every time everybody comes to the selection.More people, last time 180 came.

How to get into the team?

Of course, an important aspect when choosing a player for a team is the level of play.

First In turn, we select the guys who are suitable in terms of level, then in additional aspects. For example, who came from a sports school, we find out his position. There are also internal tournaments at the university. We watch the guys there, and if someone did not qualify for the first time, they can try to qualify again.

In college football, it is important to choose the right squad for the entire season. It should be borne in mind that players, in addition to training, must attend classes. In addition, some student tournaments take place during the session, which complicates the task for the coach. Therefore, they simply will not be able to come to any important match.

Not many guys can attend all the games in the season: some because of their studies, some because of work. Of course, we have players who can come to all games and those who 2-3 times when the team needs help. For example, we have five goalkeepers in the national team. It so happened that there were not enough players, and we released one of them as a field player. Therefore, the specificity of student football lies in choosing the optimal squad for the entire season, because many have tests and work. In this regard, it is more difficult here than in professional football.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Student Champions Cup

Restrictions in student football

The composition of the student team changes once a year, as it is necessary to find replacements for students who have graduated from the university. Also, students can play for a team only up to 25 years old.

If a person is allowed in, then according to the regulations he cannot play. Of course, it all depends on the regulations, but mostly full-time players play. Bachelors and undergraduates can also play, but up to the age of 25. For example, you can't play basketball if you haven't passed the session.

How many people can you choose for the season?

It is important to take into account the rules of the tournament itself, in which the national team will participate, because each the competition has its own rules, which indicate the maximum number of players.

For example, for the Moscow student sports games you can apply for 50 people, but this is rare. We employ about 30-40 people.

Who appoints the coach of the national team?

The appointment of the head coach in each university is different. It all depends on how much the administration and students are interested in the development of football at their institute. In universities where the structure is working correctly, the coach is appointed by the management. The coach of the national team can be appointed by the head of the department of physical education. Some universities invite a professional trainer. Sometimes they just appoint a teacher who understands football.

For example, I was appointed by our former captain. At first I was given administrative functions (applications, documentation, communication with the university administration), and then I became a coach.
Captain comAndas, as in professional football, are appointed by the coach.
Choosing a captain is the job of a team coach. Captains are usually appointed by general vote. We appointed him, I chose the most experienced.

Trainings: how often do they take place?

Each team has a different training session. However, on average, each team trains at least 1-2 times a week.

We, for example, have two football trainings a week in the summer. In the spring and autumn, we play big football on the street. In winter, we also try to train once or twice a week.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Student Champions Cup

Student teams are divided into two categories: those who have their own fields, and those who have to rent them.

We have a base that was built two years ago, and for games we rent a field from CSKA. Almost 80% of universities do this because they do not have their own fields. Our university also has the most accessible gym and swimming pool.

However, there may be problems with training, because many football players play in sports schools. After graduation, such players usually move to the Moscow championship (third-fourth division). In professional clubs, the load is, of course, more and training every day. Because of this, many players do not have time, besides, the whole team turns out to be of different levels.

We have an agreement with some. If they have training in the club and we have training on the same day, then they can go to the club. But when there are trainings, and we have a game, then to us. In other countries, for example, college sports are already considered the lower division, from there a player can immediately become a professional football player. Unfortunately, we need to combine them.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Student Champions Cup

How do universities help football students?

The university must provide students with the necessary equipment for games, balls. Also, some universities have a system of encouraging student athletes. For example, if a student who plays for a university team closes the session without triples, then he can receive an increased scholarship.

For example, our social work department is interested in the development of university sports. We work closely with them. Every year they buy us uniforms and balls. The student sports club also helps, it represents the interests of the national team.

In addition to the players, the national teams of universities also have their own managers who help the team: they organize events, maintain the official pages of the national team on social networks. And it is not necessary that it be led by the players themselves, they are often students who just love sports.

Tournaments in student football

During the season, there are competitions in mini-football and football. That is, the players play a full season: big football - 13 games; mini-football - about 19.

Basically, of course, two tournaments, but in parallel others may arise. It turns out that the workload is 1-2 matches a week. There are also traditional student competitions. For example, the Student Champions Cup, which is organized by Nike for the second year. We won it this year. Then there are several competitions close to student ones, they are organized by clubs.

Another football: without millions of fees, with burning eyes and plans for the future

Photo: Student Champions Cup

College Sports Difficulties:

  • Adaptation. When you join the team, you must understand that football is already an adult here. With you, there can be people in the team who are 5-6 years older than you, they will be more experienced. It's important to rebuild.
  • Organization. The game may be scheduled for three in the afternoon, and couples may have until 6 in the evening. Moreover, in many universities, attendance is strictly regulated.
  • Training. For teams that have a lease for a year or their own field, it is easier, because they do not need to think about the location of training. If you don't have your own field, you have to rent it. There are various overlays, for example, if the workout is at six, then many have to go from the other end of Moscow after a couple.

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