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Angelic Workout: Victoria's Secret Beauty Secrets

Elsa Hosk is a Swedish model who has collaborated with many famous fashion houses. From 2011 to 2018 she participated in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, and in 2015 she was officially announced as one of the brand's 10 new angels.

Angelic Workout: Victoria's Secret Beauty Secrets

Dangerous beauty. How Victoria's Secret Angels starved themselves for the sake of a super show

The girls were on strict diets and were afraid to gain a couple of extra grams. Some of them could not cope with the pressure.

Initially, Elsa wanted to connect her life with sports: she was a professional basketball player, and refused all offers from modeling agencies. However, it turned out that in Sweden it is almost impossible to become a professional basketball player - this sport is not sufficiently developed in the country. Only then did Elsa succumb to persuasion and still decided to build a career in the modeling business.

In July, the girl announced on her Instagram that she was going to release a series of videos in which she, along with her coach Megan Rope, will talk about your workouts and demonstrate exercises. How do the workouts of one of the Victoria's Secret angels go?

Fast and effective exercises for the press

The first video in this series focuses on working out the abdominal muscles. During training, Elsa and her trainer practice on special mats. Thanks to the selected exercises for different abdominal muscles, the press becomes more traced, clear and strong. And judging by Elsa's shape, these are really effective exercises!

Dancing Hands

Let it be a short workout, but the most fun. It consists of a series of continuous exercises, during which you need to wave your arms in different ways, as if dancing. According to trainer Megan Rope, these movements help to sculpt the arms, make the skin tighter and more elastic. It also helps keep my body toned for the whole day.

Angelic Workout: Victoria's Secret Beauty Secrets

They said my body was not for the podium. Gigi Hadid - about bullying at the beginning of her career

The model was called too athletic and muscular, and now they are complaining about her thinness. How to please everyone?

Legs and buttocks

The last and longest workout is dedicated to creating perfect legs and hips. The lesson is divided into two parts: the first focuses only on the legs, and in the second, the buttocks. Elsa notes that although it is difficult for her to even stand after some exercises, she considers them the most effective.

Angelic Workout: Victoria's Secret Beauty Secrets

Train like an angel: a selection of exercises from Victoria's Secret models

Your dose of motivation. A few simple instructional videos with exercises for all muscle groups from the podium stars.

For the fastest and most visible result, Elsa and Megan advise combining workouts. In the near future, the model plans to release videos with exercises for the back, neck, pectoral muscles, as well as a separate video on stretching.

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