Why Sweden Doesn't Have a National Anthem

And we will sing the anthem to you ourselves: what do the Russian national team advise on Instagram

The scandal surrounding the team's trip to the Winter Olympic Games continues to gain momentum. And while Ramzan Kadyrov officially banned all Chechen athletes from going to the Olympics (by the way, the Winter Games will not affect athletes from this region so much), athletes, politicians and show business stars unanimously agree on one thing : We must go and win !. For many athletes, not going to the Olympics at the peak of their form means one thing - never winning the Olympics.

And we will sing the anthem to you ourselves: what do the Russian national team advise on Instagram

Look them in the eyes, crafty goat. You have deprived them of their last chance for gold!

Here are all Russian superstars, who are forcibly deprived of the opportunity to win the Olympics. The last, extreme, final possibility.

There is a lot more to say, but we tried to collect the most important thing in our collection.

Yulia Efimova, three-time Olympic medalist in swimming: More tears in my eyes ... Why? You can write a lot ... but I just wish all the athletes endurance and patience! And fight! Fight until the very end! Drive and win!

Dmitry Guberniev: If there is a chance to go to the Olympics, you have to go, perform and win. With love to your country in your heart!

Rapper ST: Let there be a post that, a toast or a verse
Silence is hardly gold
After all, the right to fight for our own people
Nobody has the right to take away from us!

Bolshoi Theater ballerina Anna Tikhomirova : Our athletes are simply obliged to go for themselves, for their loved ones and friends!

Ksenia Sobchak, TV presenter: Dear Messrs. Mutko and Zhukov. This is you - an insult to Russia. You are not going to Pyeongchang. And rightly so.

Timati, rapper, producer: For all Olympic medalists, all menus at all @blackstarburger are now skip-the-line, free, forever.

Polina Kitsenko, blogger, triathlete, co-founder of the charity marathon Running hearts: I believe that every athlete who is ready, selected and wants to continue the fight should go, and the state should morally and financially fully support in this. Guys, arrange a medal harvest there, show what the Russian spirit means here, here it smells of Russia, and we will sing a hymn to you!

Maria Shurochkina, Olympic champion in synchronized swimming 2016a: Nobody has the right to decide whether to remake your sports life for you! For some it is not just athletic, for some it is just the whole life!

Laysan Utyasheva, world champion, six-time European champion in rhythmic gymnastics: It's a shock. Athletes give their lives and even more ... Many of them are not even involved in any scandal. For many, the world has collapsed now, and people around are just playing politics. This is unfair and scary ... to children, parents, coaches.

Ekaterina Varnava, actress: This is Zhenya Medvedeva. Just don't bother her and other famous athletes.

Yana Rudkovskaya , producer: Nobody will forbid us to support our Olympians with the Russian flag in the stands.

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