Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

This year has become one of the most intense sports periods in the life of our country. And if the memories of the home world championship still flicker in the memory, the events of the most neutral of all possible Olympics with our participation have calmed down a little. But I am sure that only not for those who equipped athletes, learned to be flexible and gracefully maneuvered in constantly changing circumstances.

We talked about all this and many other things with designer and creator of the popular ZASPORT brand Anastasia Zadorina .

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- The ZASPORT brand appeared in the difficult Olympics. What did you feel at the moment when you were preparing the collection for the Olympic Games?

- The fact that we became popular in such a difficult period for our athletes and did not let them down is very important for me. Because it was not enough for the athletes to worry about what they will be wearing, and so many problems piled up. It was important for us to give our best, not to doubt ourselves.

Just imagine what situation we are in. Not only were additional sanctions introduced in mid-December, there was also a ban on the appearance of the flag, coat of arms, logo of the Russian Olympic Committee on the uniform of our athletes. It was just a shock. It was a very difficult task to make a uniform in accordance with the new regulations on holidays, when both the design team and everyone who worked in production dreamed of relaxing with their loved ones, but the team did it, and I am very proud of us!

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

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- Have you heard feedback from foreign colleagues about the uniforms of our Olympians?

- You know, so many critics in the very first days when we presented the Olympic collection! And then, the day after the opening ceremony of the Olympics, The Wall Street Journal wrote that our team is the most stylish, fashionable and beautiful. At the same moment, the phone started ringing in our office. You know, it feels like we still live according to the foundations of the past, when everything that is good in the West is good for us ( laughs ). But, of course, it was very pleasant, our efforts were appreciated.

- As far as I know, you have equipped not only the Olympians, but also the Paralympians.

- Initially we did not have a contract with the Paralympic Committee, but we did our best to support our athletes. For everyone, the phrase Olympic athlete from Russia sounded unusual and imposed a huge number of restrictions. The situation with the Paralympians was not easy. The ban on Russian symbols also affected them. And all the big sports brands refused to help them. We just could not help but come to the rescue, we signed an agreementthe partnership and provided equipment.

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- As you yourself have already noticed, you were criticized quite a lot, what do you yourself think about this?

- We did a great job to equip our athletes. At such a difficult moment, it was much more important to act, to stop and listen to sometimes not the most competent critics of the time. And we listen to the opinions of athletes, we do everything to ensure that our clothes are not only beautiful in appearance for them, but also comfortable and functional. The commission of athletes headed by Sophia Velikaya helps us a lot, they are the first to learn about our new products and help to refine them, make them even better and more accessible not only for professional athletes, but also for everyone else.

- It turns out that sports fashion has appeared in our country?

- It turns out that yes. Fashion trends were practically not present in the clothes of professional athletes, but it all starts sometime. There are many designers in Russia who sew evening dresses and fur coats, but almost no one makes sports casual.

- The main Olympic collection was inspired by the 1980 Olympics and the spirit of that time?

- Yes, it is. We were looking for inspiration in the architecture of our city, the Soviet era, in the 1980 Olympics. This is a well-forgotten old thing that many people liked. We managed to rethink the Soviet sports traditions in clothing and combine it with a modern approach to cut and quality.

- What was this year like? After all, there was also the World Cup.

- The main events for us were the Olympics, the Paralympics, the Summer Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Argentina in October. And for the World Cup we have made a capsule collection “Hammer” on a football theme. And I would also like to note that ZASPORT is not only sportswear: there are many casual clothes in the assortment of stores, you can wear them for a walk or go to the cinema. We love to work, we have a good big team, and this year has united us even stronger. Difficulties temper those who are capable of them.

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- How much of a team player are you?

- I think I am a team player, or maybe I set tasks and goals correctly, lead, inspire my team. In any case, it is very important for me that the right people, professionals, are next to me. I've always followed through to the end, and I'm glad the team shares my vision of the workflow and believes in my words.

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

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- Team life like this as important as in sports? Can you draw some analogies?

-I think yes. In general, whether in friendship, in work or in sports, the team spirit is the foundation. I would like everyone to find their people and not doubt their abilities.

- Many say that the foundations of character are laid in us from childhood. How did your childhood influence you?

- My parents put all the best in me. First of all, you need to believe in yourself, never stop, go to the end, achieve your goal, listen to your intuition. But at the same time, I always listen to the opinion of my colleagues and am ready to support them.

- Did you play sports as a child?

- Yes, I did rhythmic gymnastics and dancing.

- How important do you think sports are to children?

- I am convinced that we all need sports, regardless of age. This is development, this is motivation, this is tempering! I cannot say how professional he should be, because I am a non-professional athlete. But now in my environment there are a lot of friends-athletes. They are great fellows, but each of their training, each victory is a huge work.

- How do you go to your goal?

- You should never lose heart ... Everyone has ups and downs in life. There is inspiration today, not the day after tomorrow. The easiest way is to give up. My recipe: just take and do, regardless of any circumstances ...

Anastasia Zadorina: the easiest way is to give up. You can't lose heart

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Share the secrets of what helps you recover and reboot quickly?

- There are different ways to distract yourself. I swim, fly to relax, try to spend time with my child. Mark is 5 years old soon and, of course, he wants more attention from me.

- Can you call yourself the director of your life?

- I she chose this path for herself. You would know ... who I just didn't want to be as a child. I am glad that my parents did not interfere with this, but allowed themselves to decide. So yes, I am the director of my life and I think I am very successful.

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