Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Best Budget Fitness Tracker?

An honest review. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: budget fitness tracker

I have long wanted to buy a smart watch or an ordinary heart rate monitor. I must say right away that in that period when I was not actively involved in sports, this purchase would have become nothing more than another whim. Because I did not have a special need to monitor my pulse on the way from the metro to work or in between meetings. But then I started preparing for my first triathlon start. When preparing for IRONMAN , yes, by the way, for any competition, it is very important to track your dynamics. Understand at what pulse you are running a particular distance, for what length of time you cover a circle on a cycle track. In addition, it is important to monitor the quality of your sleep, because the body must have time to recover. All this somehow brought me back to the idea that I needed to get a watch or a smart bracelet.

The cost of an advanced fitness gadget like the now popular Garmin smartwatches is quite high. That is, be ready to shell out from 25,000 rubles for a sports watch. If we turn to budget gadgets, basic fitness trackers and smart bracelets, then the price tag here starts from about 1,500 rubles.

Tip: The budget line of trackers is ideal for figuring out if you really need a fitness bracelet and how comfortable you will be wearing it all the time (even while sleeping).

When I picked up a bracelet for myself, then I read a lot of reviews, studied videos on forums and decided to start studying fitness gadgets by purchasing a budget tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2 . The bracelet itself, as it seemed to me, contains the maximum "wrapped" filling for the most reasonable money. The cost varies from 1690 to 2500 rubles.

What's inside?

● Capsule materials: polycarbonate, plastic.
● Bracelet materials: thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate.
● Enclosure protection class: IP67.
● Sensors: three-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor.
● Indication: monochrome OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.42 inches, vibration motor.
● Battery: built-in lithium-polymer with a capacity of 70 mAh.
● Autonomous work: up to 20 days.
● Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
● Working temperature: from –20 to +70 ° C.
● Dimensions: 40.3 x 15.7 x 10.5 mm.
● Weight: 7 g.
● Compatibility: iOS 7 / Android 4.3.
● Package contents: module, bracelet, charging cable.

What is the bracelet for?

Now let's take a closer look at the bracelet functions. For its value, the Xiaomi tracker has quite an impressive filling. For this kind of money, most manufacturers offer a banal pedometer and heart rate monitor. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 supports the following functions:

● heart rate measurement;
● pedometer (quite accurate, measured the error together with a professional smartwatch. The device no longer responds to simple waves of the hand and this is a great progress for the manufacturer);

● calculation of distance and calories burned (based not only on the number of steps, as in most trackers, but also on your speed. Using the application, you can set various modes: training, jumping, light running, walking, etc.);
● sleep monitoring;
● smart alarm clock;
● notifications about calls (very convenient, there are icons for notifications about messages in various messengers and social networks: Telegram, Vatsap, Vkontakte, etc.);
● unlocking a tablet / smartphone.

More about the fitness tracker functions: what, why and why?

To be honest, at first I used all the functions in a row: I changed modes, monitored sleep, but it looks more like euphoria from purchasing a new gadget. Over time, the constantly used heart rate monitor, pedometer, call notifications and periodic sleep monitoring. Below I will tell you more about all the functions.

Heart rate monitor is a very useful thing in the gym, especially when you have already figured out your peak heart rate intervals and you know at what pace you need to pass that or another distance. The heart rate monitor measures your heart rate quite accurately, and it only takes 10 seconds and one button press to display the result.

Pedometer - as already mentioned, the pedometer option tracks your movements quite accurately. In principle, the thing is quite useful even for those who do not play sports regularly, because in order to just keep yourself in good shape, you need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. The bracelet will help you with this: if you sit still for a long time, it begins to vibrate, informing the owner of the need to get up and move a little.

Calculating the distance - on the bracelet screen you can see the distance traveled the distance is not only in steps, but also in kilometers. I usually use this feature while jogging.

Calorie Counting - for your understanding, I'll tell you one fact: most inexpensive smartwatches and apps calculate calories burned based on the steps you took during the day. But this is not entirely true. Because a person who has covered the same distance, but at a higher speed, will burn more calories. In addition, there is a number of static workouts: yoga, strength training, etc., on which we do not move much, but at the same time we experience tremendous physical stress. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 allows you to select the type of workload that you plan to do in the near future using the application. The final data will be based on several parameters: heart rate, step count and speed.

Sleep monitoring and smart alarm - the bracelet monitors the phases of fast and long sleep and offers to assess how you feel right after waking up. Against this background, the gadget helps the user to set a smart alarm clock, which will wake up at the same interval when you are as ready to wake up as possible.

Call notifications - if you sync your bracelet via Bluetooth with your phone, then your fitness tracker will be regularly send notifications about updates, messages and incoming calls. I advise you not to forget to disable this feature at night.

Package contents: what do you get for this money?

The traditional cardboard box for the line contains the Mi Band 2 sensor module, the bracelet itself, into which this module is inserted, instructions and a USB charger. the bracelet consists of an OLED display and touch-sensitive buttons e. The image on the screen due to the matrix used is perfectly readable in the sun and does not dazzle in the dark. The button is capacitive, does not respond to third-party objects. In the instructions, the manufacturers also report that the bracelet can be used in the shower.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: summary

My verdict on this bracelet is simple: buy, use and look at more expensive models if you feel the need for it. An excellent tracker for uploading basic parameters about yourself and your activity: find out the optimal heart rate, the distance that you walk from day to day and understand what determines the quality of your sleep.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review: A Fitbit Alternative Under $50!

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