Are Bone Conduction Headphones Right For You?

An honest review. What are bone conduction headphones?

Want to test sports headphones that you don't need to put in your ears? - the editor asked me and immediately received an affirmative answer. Progress is always cool. The future is better than the past, and progress is the best example of this. 100 years ago, people pointed a finger at a self-propelled carriage and shouted with delight. What? A cart without a horse? Give me two! And now the car is commonplace. Therefore, headphones, which in fact are not headphones, because you don't need to put them in your ears, already delighted me, and I didn't even hold them in my hands.

Headphone specifications:

Model: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium.

Platform: Android, IOS, Mac, PC, player, others. Pairs with ANY Bluetooth enabled device, any platform.
Headphone type: wireless
Mounting type: occipital arch
Speaker type: bone conduction sound transducers
Sound mode: stereo
Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Maximum sound pressure: 100 dB
Built-in microphone: yes
Protection: The headphones are protected from moisture, sweat, water drops and dust - according to the IP55 standard. You cannot swim or dive with AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones.

How to hear the music inside yourself?

I will explain the principle of work without going deep into terms. Bone transmission simply excludes your ears from the transmission of sound to the inner ear. To do this, she uses bone. The same happens when you speak out loud: even if you cover your ears with your hands, you will still hear your voice.

In reality, when I put on the headphones for the first time, the music just started playing in my head. Right in the center of it. Like the inner voice that we are shown in films. If you want to imagine how they communicate using telekinesis, be sure to try headphones somehow that work on a similar principle. This is very unusual and will keep you and your friends entertained for at least a couple of weeks. As a maximum, it is very practical and will bring many pleasant bonuses.

Safety comes first

In these headphones your ears remain free, which means that all external sounds will be heard. Run along the road - you hear an approaching car. Riding bicycles together - listening to music and talking at the same time. You play basketball in the yard, and in your ears your favorite song, under which the mood rises so much, and the tips of your partners do not fly past your ears. This is really very practical.

I would also like to focus ona very important point: before most of the races (marathons, half marathons, triathlon starts, bicycle races), you simply will not be allowed in ordinary headphones. This is stipulated in the starting agreement, which is signed by each athlete when purchasing a slot or filling out a questionnaire when issuing a number. So, in order not to lose touch with the city and not deprive yourself of the opportunity to listen to your favorite playlist or podcasts, turn your attention to bone conduction headphones.

What's inside?

You missed an important part - opening the box. It's always nice to discover a new thing and see what the manufacturer has put inside besides the product itself.

Inside you will find a tactile case for storing headphones, a charging wire and a plastic box with earplugs. They will come in handy if you want to distract yourself from the rest of the world altogether, or just if there is too much noise around you. In addition, there is an instruction in Russian. The headphones are wireless and work via Bluetooth.

Tip: even after carefully reading the instructions, it is better to immediately find an overview on the Internet on how to connect them. The device has only four buttons and the first connection may take 15-20 minutes. Don't waste your nerves and just watch how others are doing it.

Headphones in action

At the first training session, I almost jumped with delight. Headphones are something. The music plays loud enough so that you can hear everything around, but at the same time all the sounds of your favorite melody are not lost. I run in the open air in my village, which has only one lane for cars without curbs and pedestrian zones. In ordinary headphones, sometimes at the last moment you realize that a car is driving behind you and you need to dodge. Or a particularly polite driver can follow you for half a kilometer until he starts honking. Security and convenience are a plus.

Vibration is a separate topic worth discussing. When you want to listen to music louder, the headphones vibrate, and this is transmitted to your head. Each of us has our own preferences and I liked it. I love listening to music loudly so that my membranes tremble. But if you are a fan of symphony orchestras and you are over 60, you probably won't like it very much. Young people will appreciate it for sure. It's in our style.

Bonus: they are very convenient to work with! And it was a super pleasant discovery. I don't know why the manufacturer does not mention this fact at all. BUT! They're just awesome to work in the office, especially when you need to transcribe interviews and at the same time answer questions from your boss or participate in discussions with colleagues.

If you are worried about your music or your phone conversation can be heard by people nearby, we hasten to reassure you: this will not happen thanks to the unique LeakSlaye technology. How the LeakSlaye technology works is a secret of the company, but thisthe technology minimizes sound leakage, and the sound is delivered straight to where it is needed.

I even put on a regular earphone at the same time with them and can easily focus on the two sounds in my head and what is happening around. So even if you don't need sports headphones, consider this as an office headphone.

What to look out for?

Battery power: charging enough for eternity. For two weeks of active use, I recharged only four times. The headphones themselves will warn you that it is time to recharge them. In general, this voice warns you about a lot and accompanies pressing various buttons. Charging will take no more than a couple of hours. The manufacturer indicates that you can listen to music for 6 hours in a row, and pleasantly deceives you, because the figure is underestimated. Hours eight - at least.

The headphones weigh very little, about 40 grams. Made of titanium, you don't have to worry about bending or changing shape. I played it as best I could, but they don't care - the manufacturer doesn't lie. There is serious protection against sweat and rain. On the forums, people write that you can go to the shower, but I did not dare. On the negative side, there are some nuances when you wear it for more than an hour. Ears get tired, and from habit it can cause discomfort. On the second week, however, I got so used to leaving the office for lunch, forgetting that I was wearing headphones at all.

The editorial board recommends: if you are tired of ordinary headphones or need to hear what is happening around you during training - they are simply irreplaceable. Price list - 7990 rubles. Therefore, we will take. The new gadget with interesting technology turned out to be a very high quality product.

You can buy them here.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Worth It?

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