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I am sitting on a Sochi-Moscow plane the next day after the opening of the triathlon season IRONSTAR 2019 . On the plane - a good half of the passengers - the participants in the competition. They are given out with their head finisher shirts, triathlon glasses and expensive watches. Immediately after arrival, at the check-in counters, giant trunks with bicycles stand out in the luggage. Everything is carefully and lovingly packed. After all, equipment for a triathlon costs good money, and some bicycles can compete in price with not the cheapest car.

In the afternoon I managed to meet with the winner of IRONSTAR 113 among women Daria Chunareva. And me still impressed. Dasha is a slender, green-eyed owner of a luxurious blond braid. I met Dasha before, but it is very difficult to perceive such physical capabilities behind the embodied femininity. Triathlon is one of the most challenging sports. Especially for amateurs. Requires colossal physical fitness, concentration, many hours of almost daily training in three sports at the same time, and what to hide - certain financial investments.

Daria Chunareva finished first, fitting her 113 kilometers into 5 hours 3 minutes 57 seconds, and left the nearest pursuer 8 minutes behind. It's hard to believe, but for Daria this is the first triathlon victory.

- How long have you been in triathlon? How did you come to this sport?

- I am an active person, but I have never been involved in sports professionally. Didn't go to a sports school. Truth always participated from the class in some kind of competition, was engaged in orienteering. She came to triathlon in the 14th year. At first, I just ran in parks with Nike, and then I learned about triathlon from friends. Picked up a start and start. First, without a coach, on a mountain bike (laughs). And so until the 18th year I did one start a year. At 18, I realized that it would be more productive to train with a coach and in a team than alone. I found out about the coach Evgeny Rulevsky, about the Rullez Team.

- Then you changed the mountain bike to a road bike?

- I changed the bike to the simplest road bike when I realized that everyone is overtaking me primarily because of the equipment, back in 2016/17. The first three starts were on the mountain, and then I did everything on the highway, the simplest one. With him, I came to the team. The team began to train 6 times a week, and if I also go to the camp, the results are completely different.

- Were there camps this year?

- Yes, in March we went to Cyprus. It was the first start of the season - Ayia Napa. There was a fairly successful start for me too, I took the third place in the group (meaning the age group). And literally two weeks ago we returned from Kyrgyzstan.

- For the first time I hear about amateur training camps inKyrgyzstan!

- There is a real jogging party there, our teams train, Dima Safronov, for example. Very good, working atmosphere.

- How do you manage to combine such sports involvement with work? What do you do?

- I do insurance. Work for myself. My income, of course, is not very stable, there is no fixed salary. But on the other hand, I can plan my time myself and train when I need it.

- You went to the solemn awarding ceremony with the Athlete flag for the benefit of the Love Syndrome Foundation. What does this mean for you?

- I learned about the fund and its sports projects three years ago. I was looking for starts, where to go skiing, and saw a charity ski race. If there is a choice, I will choose a start that has a good purpose. I began to participate in events, and already as part of the Rullez team, we participated in cycling (Cycling vo blago - a project of the Love Syndrome Foundation). And on the eve of this start, Zhenya became a Athlete for Good and announced the fundraising for our team this season IRONSTAR (note Evgeny Rulevsky opened fundraising for the first Moscow open mini-football competition among teams of people with Down syndrome, which will take place in November 2019 in Moscow).

Athlete for Good is a project of the Love Syndrome charitable foundation. Athletes combine their sports goals with a charitable mission: they take part in competitions, conduct open trainings, and implement their sports projects. For good, athletes raise funds for programs in support of people with Down syndrome and their families. Fundraising can be both individual and team. Learn more.

- Do you support this initiative of Zhenya?

- I'm always for. We have to do something for other people. If we can help with something, do something, then it should be done. Because if you are indifferent, pass by, if this does not concern my family, we will live in a terrible, cruel world in which no one cares. I am glad that our team does not pursue only sporting goals - places, seconds, but behind all this there is something more.

- Your team became the first team Athlete for good this season at the starts IRONSTAR.

- Zhenya Rulevsky is a person who can inspire people to do good deeds for one person and for many. Now our team has a charity mission.

- What's your next start ?

- Next start of IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää on June 15.

- What other IRONSTAR events do you plan to take part in this season?

- I'm planning Zavidovo, Kazan, possibly in Crocus in Moscow. It seems to me that now these are some of the best organizers. On the one hand, home start, you know everyone, but the level is higher and higher every year. The guys are growing very much.

IRONSTAR Competitions - lovetel competitions in triathlon. They have been held since 2014. Triathlon is gaining popularity every year. The first IRONSTAR amateur start was attended by 150 amateur athletes. More than 3 thousand people took part in the starts on May 31 and June 1 this year. And this is just the beginning of the season. Ahead is Zavidovo, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Moscow and Sochi again in October.

- Was your victory expected for you?

- I am far from everyone I know strong athletes in amateur triathlon. And the decision to participate in Sochi was made literally in a week. I didn't have time to see who exactly would take part, so I didn't know exactly what chances I had. I understood that everything is real, because it was only the beginning of the season, and I already had one half and 2 training camps. The plan was as follows - I do everything 90-95 percent, and if there is a possibility, we win. A good break on the bike gave me the opportunity to not push myself too hard on the run. And since this is the sixth half, you already know your body well, you know how to distribute so as not to overwork, where you can tolerate.

- You were the leader of the race for the first time! How is your impression? You are constantly accompanied, filmed for live broadcast.

- For me it was unusual. What should I do? I used to go alone. They go and take pictures. I need to eat, and everyone is looking at me! (laughing together already) But after the fortieth kilometer I decided - okay, look. And on the run, a girl was riding a bicycle in front of him. A camera was driving nearby. And the girl on the bike told everyone: Get out of the leader's trajectory!

- Dasha, tell me, what are you dreaming about?

- What do I dream about ... the sports field of dreams / goals this season to get to the World Cup 70.3 in Nice. I also have a dream to get on Norseman and get a black shirt. I applied in 2018, it didn't work out, I will apply again.

- And in the unsportsmanlike, if not a secret?

- Nothing extra-large, not even a dream anymore , but calm desires: to have the opportunity to help your parents, visit Niagara Falls, get a dog, be and do something that will leave a mark, if not in history, then at least in the hearts of people.

Let's part with Dasha, but we don't say goodbye for long. Soon I will see Dasha in Zavidovo. I will follow the results of the start in Estonia. And who knows, maybe I'll dare to swim somewhere, scroll, run.

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