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An apple from an apple tree: what the children of famous athletes look like now

The personal lives of celebrities are always closely monitored by both journalists and fans. Sports lovers follow with interest those athletes who successfully manage to combine family life and sports career. Sometimes hundreds and thousands of fans around the world are watching the birth of a child in the family of a professional athlete. Children grow up quickly, and now, years later, they are already conquering the heights of world show business and sports. How do grown-up children of Russian and world sports stars look now?

An apple from an apple tree: what the children of famous athletes look like now

Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

Their athletic performance amazes even adults.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

When it comes to the children of famous athletes , the family of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo comes to mind first. Now the Juventus striker has four children and, judging by the photos on his Instagram, Ronaldo loves to spend time with children. The oldest of them is Cristiano Ronaldo, the youngest, whose birth caused a stir in the sports world. Everyone remembers the little boy whom the elder Ronaldo liked to take with him to various social events.

Now the son of a famous football player is already 10 years old. He matured and decided to follow in his father's footsteps. Despite such a young age, Cristiano Jr. is already showing outstanding results in football. He trains at the Juventus academy and has scored multiple goals for the U-9 team. The boy says he wants to be like his father. He monitors nutrition and exercises a lot. The father is very proud of his son and regularly shares his success with fans on his instagram.

The elder Ronaldo does not hide that he dreams of building a successful football career for his son. Cristiano Jr. manages to prove himself in other directions. He is the face of boys' clothing brand CR7 Junior and is also trying to drive a € 2.5 million sports car.

LeBron James Jr.

The son of the eminent Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has also decided to follow in his father's footsteps. From an early age, he began to engage in many sports: American football, hockey and basketball, but got confused for a while, stopped at the latter. Since 2014, LeBron Jr. (or Bronnie) has been appearing in basketball videos that have garnered a huge amount of views on the net.

Bronnie is now an attacking guard for the Sierra Canyon high school basketball team and is showing outstanding results. The young player has just turned fifteen years old, and he is already predicted a great basketball future. The father is very proud of the success of his eldest son, which is confirmedhis numerous publications on Instagram await.

Sasha Plushenko

The youngest son of the famous Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko was born in 2013. All Russian show business followed the birth of the future little skater. Since childhood, the younger Plushenko participated in all kinds of modeling projects and photo shoots, often appeared with eminent parents at social events. The boy's mother, Russian TV presenter Yana Rudkovskaya, even created an Instagram profile for the child, where she posts her son's progress every day.

Several years ago, the Gnome Gnomich started figure skating, thereby continuing his father's beginnings. He trains at his academy called Plushenko's Angels. By the age of seven, he has already shown great results on the ice, performing a program that is more complex than the programs of older children. He trains every day and wants to build a career as a skater, and his parents actively support him in this.

Kristina Pimenova

Many people know the daughter of the famous Russian football player Ruslan Pimenov as a successful model who has conquered the heights of the modeling business from an early age. Since the age of three, Christina has been involved in photo shoots for such world brands as Armani, Burberry, Benetton and Roberto Cavalli. People all over the world admired her non-standard beauty and predicted a successful modeling career for the girl. In 2014 Woman Daily magazine named Pimenova the most beautiful girl in the world.

Christine is already Fifteen years. She has matured a lot and over the years has not lost her extraordinary beauty and talent.

The girl still continues to develop in the modeling direction, but more recently Christina was able to try herself as an actress. She starred in Michael S. Oyed's film The Russian Bride, where she played the main character's daughter.

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