Always Ready: 5 Exercises to Workout Anywhere

Not everyone has the opportunity to organize a home gym, and sometimes you absolutely don't want to go to a fitness center. But that doesn't mean skipping a workout. World Class Master Trainer Alexander Karpov offers a set of 5 exercises that can be performed literally anywhere - in an apartment, hotel, and even on the beach.

Always Ready: 5 Exercises to Workout Anywhere

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Jumping out of the lunge with a change legs

Muscle group: quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves.

Reps: 30.

Starting position - standing , legs together, back straight, arms lowered along the body. Step forward as you would for a normal lunge, squatting until the knee of the front leg is bent at a right angle. At this point, jump out, simultaneously changing the position of your legs - after landing, the support should be in front.

During the exercise, try to maintain balance and watch your knees - in the front position they should not go beyond the foot.

Push-ups from the floor with wide arms

Muscle group: pectoralis major, triceps, deltoid.

Reps: 20.

Starting position - lying on straight arms, palms set slightly wider than shoulders, hands can be slightly spread apart, body is straight without deflection in the lower back, abdominal muscles are tense. As you inhale, begin to bend your arms, spreading your elbows to the side, lower yourself until your chest is almost touching the floor. As you exhale, rise and return to the starting position.

During push-ups, focus on the contraction of the pectoral muscles, feel the load.

Always Ready: 5 Exercises to Workout Anywhere

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Extension of the forearms from support

Muscle group: pectoralis major, triceps.

Reps: 15.

Starting position - lying position, arms straight, spaced slightly wider than shoulders, and extended forward, the body is straight. Bend your arms slowly until your forearms touch the floor. At the same time, keep your elbows straight, do not spread them apart. Return to the starting position.

When performing the exercise, try not to shift the line of the shoulders - palms should be in front, and not directly under the shoulders, as in classic push-ups.

Torso Flexion

Muscle group: Abs.

Reps: 20.

Starting position - lying down, legs slightly bent at the knees and raised at an angle 45-60 degrees, if desired, you can cross them. Begin bending the torso with the chin - stretch it towards your chest and forward, gradually lifting your shoulders and back off the floor. Get to the maximum point possible for you, and then return to the starting position.

A burning sensation in the muscles after training is normal. But the lower back should not hurt - if you feel discomfort in the back, perhaps you are doing the exercise incorrectly.

Twisting the torso while sitting, legs on weight

Muscle group: internal and external oblique abdominal muscles.

Reps: 30.

Starting position - sitting, legs slightly bent at the knees, the body should form a V, the back is slightly rounded at the lower back , the press is tense, the arms are bent at the elbows. Raise your legs off the floor and start doing right and left twists. Knees stay in place or move against the body.

Always Ready: 5 Exercises to Workout Anywhere

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Exercises should start with a 10-minute warm-up and then do circle. Rest time depends on fitness level. More advanced athletes may skip pause altogether and try to complete as many laps as possible in 45 minutes.

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