'Sochi big help for alpine skiing in Rissia' - country's only Olympic medalist

Alps vs Sochi: where Russians will go skiing in winter

Nowadays, active recreation is gaining popularity. But not so long ago, the word rest meant doing nothing. And they went to ski resorts exclusively for the sake of beautiful photographs. When did everything change? Since when are sports and mountains related to recreation?

Alps vs Sochi: where Russians will go skiing in winter

Photo: Club Med Press

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, the mountains remained an extreme place, and a hike to the glacier was no different from plunging into the mouth of a volcano. But times have changed. People spend their free time in training and competitions, and go on vacation to the mountains as often as to the sea.

On the eve of the start of the 2018/19 ski season, the French company Club Med conducted a study of the Russian ski market. A survey was conducted in which more than a thousand people took part, each of whom answered the topic of their relationship with skiing, spoke about the criteria for choosing destinations and resorts, as well as positive and negative impressions received on vacation in the mountains. The presentation of the results took place during a breakfast party at World Class Armory .

French company Club Med is one of the largest players in the global tourism market. In addition to beach destinations, the company develops ski tourism. Club Med currently has 23 ski resorts, 15 of which are in the Alps.

As the collected data showed, in our country, not only quantitative, but also qualitative growth of the ski segment continues. As part of the general trend towards a healthy lifestyle, alpine skiing is becoming a favorite winter leisure option, and ski resorts are becoming a must-see destination.

* 52% of respondents admitted that they cannot live without sports.
* 92% noted that they prefer winter trips to the mountains to rest in warm countries.
* 30% try to go to ski resorts 2-3 times per season.

Who goes to the mountains in winter?

The mountains have turned from a terrifying risky entertainment into a territory of comfort. Winter landscapes allow everyone to feel the unity with nature.

Alps vs Sochi: where Russians will go skiing in winter

Photo: Club Med Press

The portrait of the skier has also changed. If earlier they were stern men with icy beards, now it can even be a baby. According to the research, 69.9% of the participants go to the mountains with the whole family.

The most striking changes in the portrait of a skier took place in our country. For most of the 20th century, the mountains in the USSR remained a closed club for the elite. Alpine skiing could be afforded either by athletes who devoted themselves to ski disciplines, or by the elite - scientists, professors, actors who had access to rare ski resorts (if you can call camp sites and mountain huts of those years), as well as the opportunity to get equipment , which ordinary Soviet citizens had nowhere to buy.

The domestic skiing world turned upside down in the 90s. New Russians began to travel to the Alps for a beautiful life, black caviar and a glass of Cristal. They were less interested in skiing than partying at such resorts. But today our relationship with skiing has reached a new level.

* 85% of respondents go to the mountains to ski, and only 1.9% choose this direction in pursuit of fashion.
* 48, 5% of respondents who have not vacationed at Club Med resorts prefer the Austrian Alps.
* 89.4% of survey participants who have vacationed at Club Med choose the French Alps.
* 79% of those who have already rested in Sochi replied that he was vacationing at the ski resorts of Russia.
* 47% are ready to pay more for European service in the Alps.
* 45.9% start planning a vacation in the mountains six months before the trip.

And this not final conclusions. While ski tourism is in development, the number of holidaymakers in the mountains will continue to grow.

Why are the Alps in the lead?

One fifth of the land is covered with mountains, so there is a lot of choice for skiing. But in Russia, in most cases there is a choice between the Alps and Sochi.

The popularity of these resorts can be explained by the fact that the starting point of their evolution was the Olympics. 12 of the 24 Winter Olympics were held in the Alps. Each game was a worldwide advertisement for the resort. 63% of survey participants spend winter in the French Alps, the second most popular destination is Italy, and Austria is in third place. And rest in Russia is preferred by 48% of the respondents. Of these, 79% rested in Sochi. The popularity of Krasnaya Polyana is explained by the lack of a visa and a close flight.

What plays a role in choosing a resort?

∗ 65% ski area (number and quality of tracks)
∗ 40% transport accessibility (visa, flight)
∗ 34% convenience of rest with children (children's clubs)
∗ 16.5% instructors who speak Russian
∗ 16.5% infrastructure (where to go / shopping)
* 14% new hotel / destination
* 9% TripAdvisor rating
* 7% prestige of the region

Problems of tourists on vacation in the mountains

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Michelin cuisine and unforgettable skiing experience there are some problems that worry every tourist. The survey revealed the most frequent disadvantages of ski resorts.

The high cost is in the first place. But there were also such tourists who are willing to overpay for good service. No less frequent problems are the language barrier and the queue for the ski lifts. Although almost half of the respondents prefer a vacation in Russia. The most rare problem, but no less exciting, was the poor logistics of the resort.

All the cons cancel out the emotions of skiing and snowboarding. It's not for nothing that ski tourism has become so popular so quickly. And got an adrenaline rush, and put myself in shapeate. Well, in order not to think for a long time where to spend your vacation, we offer several activities for the current ski season:

  • 7-14 February. Courchevel International Fireworks Festival. A pyrotechnic show will take place during this period every Thursday, transforming the sky over the Three Valleys into a fabulous sea of ​​fire and light.
  • April 7th. Amateur race 3 Vallees Enduro. For more than 15 years in the Three Valleys at the end of the season, interesting and fun competitions have been organized for everyone. If your skiing level has improved significantly over the season, it's time to test your strength!
Alps vs Sochi: where Russians will go skiing in winter

Photo: Club Med Press

Or you can go to domestic resorts, learn to ski and snowboard or improve your skills, or you can just enjoy the mountain scenery! Ski tourism will welcome everyone: from young to old!

Sochi Olympics 2014 | Ted Ligety: Giant Slalom (GS) Skier's Unique Turning | The New York Times

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