All Saints Day: McGregor Puppy, Redhead Sharapova and LeBron's Ax

The city was enveloped in darkness, the world of shadows opened the gates. This means that it is the eve of All Saints Day. They say that if you try on the costume of a ghost or a witch, evil spirits walking down the street that night will take it for their own and will not touch it. So the athletes decided to switch to the dark side for a while.

Everyone calls me Peppy!

The famous athlete, Maria Sharapova, met Halloween in a completely non-horrifying manner. On the contrary, the mischievous Pippi Longstocking touched the tennis player's subscribers. Let's hope that freckles and a stuffed monkey were able to win over any evil spirits.

Oh my God! How late I am!

This phrase was repeated by the White Rabbit in the fairy tale by Lewis Carroll. Hockey player Dmitry Orlov and his wife Varvara went to Wonderland this year. The images of Alice and the White Rabbit turned out to be as crazy as the history of these characters. In this suit, the hockey player will definitely not want to kill time, because time does not like being killed.

Did you buy an ax for the holiday?

LeBron James tried on the image of the main character of the movie Friday the 13th. The famous basketball player put on a Jason Voorhees mask and took an ax in his hands. Happy Halloween Lakers fans!

Stuffed Toy Story

A favorite character in horror films is a plush hare. Buttons instead of eyes, disheveled fur ... The nightmare comes to life at night and frightens young children. So the wife of cult football player David Beckham Victoria decided to terrorize her subscribers!

В this time she was invited to a holiday

The children of Ivan Rakitich met Halloween in the costumes of Maleficent and Sleeping Princess. Only the witch was kind, and the princess was cheerful.

Everything is assembled

Never before has a bunch of monsters and killers looked so cute. Well, real Halloween, no fairy tales, kind animals and sweets, only fear, horror and evil. See what masks Cristiano Ronaldo buys for his children. Maniacs-murderers, evil clowns - not a single living soul, and the lifeless one, too, will not stick to this holiday.

Jack Skellington

On the eve of Halloween, Neymar posted a photo of his son to the social network. The boy is dressed in the costume of Jack Skellington, the character of the cartoon The Nightmare Before Christmas. And you can tell from the character's face that he had far from good intentions for this mysterious night.

And here it was not without a hype!

Eugenie Bouchard has moved away from the standard theme of All Saints Day. Perhaps the image of a vampire seemed too ordinary to her. The tennis player decided to hyip and dressed like Kanye West and Lil Pump in the video for the song “I love it”.

PAW Patrol!

Conor McGregor also made a festive photo. Just not yours. The photo shows the champion puppy in a firefighter's suit. This dog's name is Hugo and he wishes everyone to enjoy the holiday. Such a firefighter can light a fire in the heart of any witch!

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