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All my men were weaker than me. Gina Carano left MMA to become a movie star

Gina Carano is one of the most popular actresses in recent years. She managed to star in the incredibly successful TV series The Mandalorian, played in Deadpool, The Fast and the Furious, shared the set with Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Jean-Claude van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis. Many directors want to work with her and don't hesitate to admit it.

Prior to that, the girl had a successful career in MMA, where Carano was at the forefront of the development of female single combats. She was supposed to fight Ronda Rousey, and this fight could become the female counterpart of the fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nuramagomedov or Floyd Mayweather's fight with Manny Pacquiao. But few people know how it all began and what difficulties Gina had to face to become a world star.

Fat Gina

Carano was born in Texas, where she spent her childhood. She grew up a big girl, but in Texas this is not surprising, and everyone treated her normally. Then Gina's family moved to Los Angeles - the world of Hollywood, where others are often judged by their appearance. This is a place where for every extra pound you can get a ton of humiliation. And then Gina had enough of these kilograms. At school, she was called fat and sometimes did what is now called the buzzword.

Then Carano began to develop a cool character, inherited in many ways from her father, a professional American football player. He brought her to basketball, where Gina could throw out all the aggression and emotions for humiliation on the school bench. And everything turned out just fine. Carano helped the team become state champion and received a scholarship to the University of Nevada.

All my men were weaker than me. Gina Carano left MMA to become a movie star

In the guise of gentle purity and strength

On Gina Carano's birthday, we recall the main successes and failures of the athlete.

I just wanted to lose weight

It would seem that everything is going great. Gina entered the Faculty of Psychology and at the same time went in for sports. But for some reason, the excess weight did not go anywhere. As a result, Carano decided to try herself in Thai boxing. It was the idea of ​​her boyfriend Kevin Ross, with whom they later fled. But the love for martial arts remained.

Gina found an excellent coach - a four-time world kickboxing champion. She respected him immensely, so when he told her that he was fat, Carano turned inside out to lose weight. It was the start of a great career.

She took off her clothes to be weighed

Gina fought 14 semi-amateur fights, winning 12 out of 14. Then she received an offer to take part in the first official women's mixed martial arts fight. Karano knocked out her opponent in 38 seconds. Gina continued to win at this kind of tournaments, but gained worldwide fame in October 2008 before the fight with Kelly Kobold, which was broadcast on the national channel in America.

The girl has not been weighed before the fight. Although the advantage was not huge - only 1.3 kg. Many would have resigned themselves, turned around and left. But not her. Carano took off her sports bra first, but still didn't fit in the weight. I had to undress completely, and then the scales showed an allowable excess of 0.5 kg. Needless to say, Gina won this fight after this one?

A life-changing defeat

Carano became, in fact, the only real MMA star in those days. Advertising offers poured in one after another, she starred in various television shows and even then began her film career. However, it was difficult even for a girl like Gina Carano to maintain such a crazy schedule.

In 2009 year she was waiting for a fight with the Brazilian Christian Santos, nicknamed Cyborg. This was the main event of the largest MMA tournament, about 15 thousand spectators gathered in the arena, and millions more watched on TV screens. Gina lost, with almost no chance. But it was this fiasco that gave her the understanding that she needed to focus on one thing - show business or sports.

Gina Carano in cinema

Carano chose cinema. Gene got her first big role in the action movie Knockout, where her partner was Channing Tatum, the favorite of American girls. In this film, they even had explicit scenes, which Gina later recalled with embarrassment. The knockout received good reviews from film critics and was a breakthrough for Carano. Then there were roles in Fast and Furious, Deadpool and, of course, the series The Mandalorian in the Star Wars universe.

Carano's personal life

During this time, Gina managed to become her own in the Hollywood get-together. She had affairs with actors Keith Cope and Henry Cavill (the star of the Man of Steel). Carano was once asked whether it is important for her that men are stronger than her physically.

And here you can not argue. Athletic girls, and even more so like Gina Carano, sometimes find it difficult to find a man to match themselves.

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