Pull Up vs. Chin Up | Which One Is Better For You?

All in your hands. 5 types of pull-ups for a powerful back

When doing almost any basic exercise, we use the back muscles. However, if your goal is to make your back wide and pumped up, basic exercises alone will not be enough. Since in this case, the load directly on the trapezius, lats, rhomboid muscles of the back will be insufficient. To achieve a visible and tangible result, you somehow have to go outside your comfort zone. Let's consider the technique of performing such exercises.

How to pump your back correctly?

  • In order for the back muscles to get the maximum load, such exercises must be performed smoothly, avoiding sudden jerks and jerks.
  • Pay attention to which muscles get the most stress. When doing back exercises, there is a risk of shifting the load on the muscles of the arms, which will reduce the effectiveness of the workout.
  • Pay attention to the stretch. Remember that your latissimus dorsi will get shorter after each workout. To avoid this, stretch all the back muscle groups after exercise.

Top 5 Pull-Ups for Effective Workout

Australian Pull-Ups

Suitable for : Ambitious Newbies

Body Position When performing Australian pull-ups, it will help you to load your back muscles and perform as many reps as possible.

Wide-grip pull-ups

Suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes

This type of pull-ups is a basic element of any pull-ups on the horizontal bar, many athletes perform them as a warm-up before a more complex complex. It is important to follow the technique of performing such exercises: you do not need to cross your legs, your back should be straight. The movement itself should take place so that the shoulders practically touch the crossbar.

Negative pull-ups

Very effectively load the muscles due to the static movement. After you have pulled yourself up to the bar and fixed your body, begin to slide down smoothly on one hand. Try to avoid sudden jerks and jerks, as this can lead to injury.

Archer Pulling Up

Suitable for : Medium difficulty, it is important to keep an eye on technique

The main goal of such pull-ups is to perform the maximum number of repetitions. When performing the movement, you need to alternate pull-ups to one hand with pull-ups to the other.

Pull-ups with weights

Pull-ups with weights is a slightly complicated version of the basic exercise. Weights should be selected based on your personal experience and capabilities.

All these exercises are recommended to be performed in combination, that is, to alternate combinations of several types of pull-ups. It is very important to follow your exercise technique and give your muscles timely, full rest.

Pullup vs Chinup Grip Width (CHEAT SHEET!)

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