Alina Khomich: I devote myself entirely to children and football

I am a mother, and this is the main status in my life, - says the wife of a famous football player and participant in the reality show Supermomochka Alina Khomich . And this is no accident: Alina and Dmitry have three children - Martin, Christian and Marcel. Every day, washing, cleaning, shopping and other household chores falls on the shoulders of this luxurious woman in all respects. In addition, she manages to drive and pick up children from training, attend matches, act in films and give interviews.

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Today Alina told us about her relationship with her husband, as well as about how to choose the right section and whether you need to send your child to football at all.

- Alina, tell us, how did you meet your husband?

- We studied in parallel classes. They did not know each other closely, he played football all the time, so he went to school very little. And then my sister married a football player, he lived in the same room with my future husband, and so we met.

- Did the relationship develop quickly?

- For two years we were just friends, and then, when he signed the contract, he said: I'm taking it to Moscow and that's it. Dima always courted beautifully, but I refused all the time, because my sister got married at 17 and divorced at 18 - I associated football players with unreliable people. But he struck me down by the fact that he had been striving for a very long time, even said: I will not go to any Spartak without you. I made an offer several times, I did not agree. Dima did not give up, he went to my parents, and dad already resigned himself, said: Okay, I'll give it back. And then, under such an onslaught, I succumbed. Everything was very difficult for us.

- Have you been into football before?

- Yes, my dad is a fan. I used to go to stadiums when I was little.

- Now you have three children. Do they want to follow in their father's footsteps?

- Yes. The eldest is 13 years old, he is now studying at the Lokomotiv Academy, the middle one is 10 years old, too. They hold up perfectly. Martin (senior) started training at the age of five, it was an experimental set, but we stayed there. When I took the child, no one knew that I was the wife of Dmitry Khomich, and they took us, so to speak, from the street. Christian was brought in the same way. Now they travel abroad on their own, the elder just flew in from Milan.

- Is this the optimal age to start training? Maybe it is worth giving the child to the section earlier?

- RaIn no case should you give back. Christian, for example, wanted to play football, but he didn't like training. I don't know exactly why, maybe it was all about the coach. Then at the age of seven, he started talking about football again, and we tried again. Then a new coach just came, and the child was fine.

- That is, your children chose football themselves?

- I have never forced it. She even offered hockey or another club. We live not far from Khimki, and I offered Christian to sign up there, because it would be easier for me to transport him (we go 46 km to the academy). But he wanted it to Lokomotiv. All of mine are sick with football, now ask where they are on vacation - they are on the box. It's great, because thanks to this, the child has already studied countries and teams at the age of three. Anyway, any sport is discipline and health. The children look at dad, they are all secure and sociable, they began to learn languages, as they themselves understand what is needed. This is very useful.

- What was the main thing for you when choosing a club?

- It was important for us to find a place where such kids are taken. An announcement was placed at the Championship that there was a recruitment to Lokomotiv, and we went. Initially we wanted to try in Spartak, but at that time there were no kits for the little ones. But now it's fashionable, give it away from the age of three.

Alina Khomich: I devote myself entirely to children and football


- How to instill in a child a love of sports? Is it necessary?

- The most important thing is not to force children. Yes, I agree that you need to instill a desire to play sports, but not force. And if your child is not taken, do not despair - Moscow is large, there are many clubs and sections in it. And to cultivate the desire to train, I believe, you need only by your own example. If the parents are lying on the couch, the child will not want anything either.

- How do you think, how to choose the right section? Is football suitable for everyone?

- Honestly, I would advise you to choose closer to home, because trips take a lot of time, especially when you do not have helpers. I devote myself entirely to children and football. In any case, when choosing a section, it is best to focus on the character of the child - this can be seen even on the site. For football, for example, he must be active, fast. Mine is worn so that I can not catch up with him. Well, of course, a lot depends on the desire. Our older brothers carry Marcel all the time to the field, so he is also a future footballer, I think.

- Do you and your children get sick in the stands?

- My first son and I never missed a single match. Dad doesn't want to play without us. It is very important for him that we are not late, he always tries to wave to us before the match. Our eldest for him is generally a talisman. But the most interesting thing happens when dad plays against Lokomotiv. Children do not know whom to root for, everyone is already making fun of us about this. We are sick, of course,for dad. But when Lokomotiv really needed glasses, they were so worried, they said: For the first time, we don’t want dad to win.

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