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Alfa Future People: what did the festival remember this year

Alfa Future People is a legendary event for all music and sports lovers. This year, the number of people who attended the festival again approached 50,000. Among them were both longtime fans of this event and newcomers who tried to have time to try, hear and see everything.

For example, here's what I told us a festival participant Veronica about her first experience in SUP-surfing: I have never tried anything like it. Feelings as if you are not near Nizhny Novgorod surrounded by tens of thousands of people. Clear water, a small board, a pleasant breeze, a little imagination - and you are already somewhere not here at all.

I think that we have not attracted a new audience only by sports, this is more likely an addition to music, albeit very meaningful and enjoyable. I am sure that many people come here knowing that they can try something new, get advice from an athlete, chat, take pictures. We create a venue and an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else, - said the general director of the festival Viktor Shkipin .

Going to the festival, I, like a year ago, wanted to spend two days as week of his usual life. Music alone would not be enough. During daylight hours I didn't want to dance at all, and I was not going to sit in a tent for half a day, - a participant of the festival Veronika Mikhailina shared with us.

This year a record number of scenes were presented on the site - there were five of them, and 23 more active sports points. Everyone had the opportunity to see and try many new things. Some were surprised by hip-hop at the main festival of electronic music, and they came off with Denzel Curry, while others were impressed by other areas of the festival. There was not a single person left who did not find something to do for himself. Even the weather did not become a problem for true party-goers. Perhaps the only thing that was not enough on AFP was hours in a day.

Paul van Dyk LIVE at Alfa Future People Festival

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