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Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

FMX is one of the most popular sports on the arena of world extreme. Freestyle is a unique discipline, because, in addition to honing jumps on a motorcycle, the preparation stages include classes in the gym and intense training on the motocross track. In addition, athletes devote a lot of time to communication with psychologists, because there is nothing more important than mood and concentration while performing a trick. In our material, we have collected 5 facts from the biography of one of the best FMX riders in the world Alexey Kolesnikov.

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

Photo: Team Toyota Russia

Fact # 1. Motorsport and the spirit to win since childhood

Alexey came to motorsport at the age of 12, for professional sports it may be too late, but the age is suitable for freestyle motocross. The first results were not long in coming, and already in 2005 Kolesnikov became the winner of the Russian Enduro Championship. At the moment, Alexey is a master of sports in motocross, a multiple winner of the Russian Enduro Championship and the FMX Kolomna contest, as well as the best rider of the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams tour 2009. In addition, Alexey has many motocross, enduro and FMX competitions under his belt. br>
Aleksey Kolesnikov: I will not bend my heart, I have been doing what I love all my life, since childhood. I did not set myself the initial task - to be in the top or to become famous and earn a lot. I’ll even say more, then I did not know that it was possible at all. All that was was a sincere love for what I did. I was obsessed with this. This is my life's work. The beginning was difficult, there was no information and no understanding of what the ramps, kickers should be, how the motorcycle should be tuned. Being a pioneer is always hard and scary. I had to fall and experiment. I just understood that if I didn't do it, then no one would do it. Now a huge plus that there is a connection with the outside world. We are known in Europe, America, many friends and acquaintances around the world.

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

Photo: Team Toyota Russia

Fact # 2. Leap from enduro to freestyle motocross

In 2005 Alexey, from classic motocross and enduro racing, switched to freestyle motocross. It all started with competitions for the best jump, which were held after the races. Over time, attempts to master a new sport and persistent training yielded results - the foundation of FMX sports in Russia was laid.

Alexey Kolesnikov: If we talk about riders, then everyone is directly interested in movement and the development of our sports discipline. For me it is like a balm for my soul, since in 2005 I was the very first guy who started jumping on a motocross bike and doing stunts. I was absolutely alone, only after a while the guys began to slowly connect. All this moved and gradually developed. Despite skepticism, a lot has been done over these 12-13 years, a huge number of events have been held. Thatthe same Toyota Road Show, in which I participate, the scale is visible. The production is very cool! Videos on social networks, fireworks are definitely a direct movement forward.

Fact # 3. Stay unique

In April 2013, Kolesnikov set a seemingly impossible goal for himself - to jump over KAMAZ. For the motorcycle jump, a ramp with a height of slightly less than three meters was installed, the highest point of the motorcycle in the air was 12 meters, the span length was 21 meters. Despite the strong wind, several jumps were made, during which Alexei demonstrated a number of tricks. The most spectacular turned out to be a backflip over a flying KAMAZ.

During our meeting at the Toyota Road Show event, we told Alexey that we sincerely consider him an example for most novice riders.
Alexey Kolesnikov: If this is true, then I am very pleased. This only suggests that 12-13 years were not wasted and this has its fruits. has its benefits.

Fact # 4. To be part of the team

Despite the fact that FMX is a solo discipline, Kolesnikov spent most of his time in the teams of the largest brands, the strongest extreme riders and like-minded athletes throughout his sports career.
snowmobile tile .

Alexey Kolesnikov: Today I am part of Team Toyota Russia. This is a professional team made up of athletes from action sports disciplines. For example, BMX, dirt and street disciplines are also included. Such athletes as Pavel Alekhin (MTB rider), Olga Raskina (windsurf), Anastasia Nifontova (cross-country rally), Nikita Sheikov (drift), freestyle motocross are represented in my face. The team is constantly expanding. Lots of guys and girls. I don't remember all of them. Now the Toyota Road Show is underway, there will be many more joint projects and a lot of interesting things. We are moving towards New Star Camp, which will be held in Sochi on Rosa Khutor from March 30 to April 8. There will be DJs, parties, sports disciplines include snowboarding, skiing, freestyle motocross and freestyle on a snowmobile.

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

Alexey Kolesnikov

Photo: redbullcontentpool.com

Fact # 5. Motocross to the masses

Aleksey Kolesnikov is not only one of the most influential figures in modern freestyle motocross, for several years he has been working hard to make this discipline popular and accessible.

Alexey Kolesnikov: This year, we will go on a tour with other famous riders: Breakthrough, New Star, Moscow City Games. I have ideas for restarting the Under my Wing project. Something like what we did with my Red Bull team. These are boot camps. I am seriously puzzled by the development of freestyle motocross at the global level. I want to see more young people from 17 years old, who will then show high resultstats internationally. This is super important. At the moment, unfortunately, there are not very many such guys.

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

Photo: Team Toyota Russia

FMX is definitely one of the most dangerous and most spectacular extreme sports in our country. To be in the very center of the motorcycle movement and from year to year to raise the bar higher and higher - all this is successfully managed by our hero, Alexei Kolesnikov. In the near future, he and his team will visit Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Sochi. A detailed schedule of his performances can be found here (link to the material with the schedule).

Alexey Kolesnikov: I have been doing what I love all my life

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