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Alexandra Soldatova: sport comes first for me

Already on December 28, on the stage of VTB Ice Palace, the premiere of the show of the Olympic champions “For sport! City of the Future ”. Despite the New Year's Eve dates, the show's director Anton Nikolaev decided not to use the hackneyed Christmas theme in the script. In the center of the production is the story of the young gymnast and robot Tespian. It is with them that the audience will have to go through all the tests that will develop against the backdrop of stunning futuristic 3D scenery.

As part of the preparation, we managed to meet and talk with one of the participants in the show, a gymnast, leader of the Russian national team, two-time champion world and two-time European champion in the team classification Alexandra Soldatova . During the interview, Sasha spoke about her sports career, shared her plans for the future and gave some tips for achieving goals in the coming year.

Alexandra Soldatova: sport comes first for me

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

The beginning of the sports path

- Sasha, tell me, did you choose gymnastics yourself or did gymnastics choose you?
- Of course, it was an unconscious choice, I would say that the choice of gymnastics for me is generally a pure accident. When we were still living in Ufa, my brother was engaged in artistic gymnastics. We didn't even know about such a sport as rhythmic gymnastics then. And only later, when we moved to Pushkino, my mother decided to enroll her brother in the section, but she was told: "We only have girls." She was not taken aback and gave me away ( smiles ).

- How old were you then?
- I was seven.

- Is seven years the same age when you need to come to gymnastics?
- At that time it was normal. Now I would be told that seven years is too late. Because many children study both from the age of four and from the age of five.

- Did you initially have any ambitions? Did you want to go to the Olympics?
- At first, no, I just fell in love with this sport and trained for myself. I absolutely didn’t think of anything for the future, because then I still didn’t know absolutely anything: neither the Olympics, nor the world championships. I just did what I like.

Taking inspiration from an example

- Have there been any competitions in your life that changed something in this regard?
- Some kind of competition is unlikely. Everything happened quite gradually. My attitude changed when I arrived at the training camp. There I saw the level of girls and thought: "Wow." This was a turning point for me.

- Are there any gymnasts you look up to?
- In some ways I am guided by Alina Kabaev, I really like her constant optimism. I agree that sport is 50% training and 50% more psychology, so I also try to be in a good mood so that it doesn't happen around.

- Have you ever won thanks to your morale?
- So nothing comes to mind right away, but there were definitely competitionAnia, when I felt very bad physically and won exactly on moral and volitional. This also happens in sports ( smiles ).

Alexandra Soldatova: sport comes first for me

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Big sport mode

- How many times a week do you train?
- Six days a week, every day I train an average of 7 -8 ocloc'k. As you know, I have enough physical activity in the gym, so there is no time for any other sports hobbies yet.

- Do you monitor your nutrition?
- Correctly eating is very important for an athlete. I tried everything on myself: there is, and not there, and there is that, the fifth, the tenth. There were a lot of all sorts of experiments, in the end everything turned out to be quite simple. Now I think that it is better to eat often, but a little, mostly something proteinaceous - that's probably all of my special preferences ( smiles ).

- Did you have to lose weight for the competition?
- You didn't have to lose weight extremely, because in principle it is better not to bring yourself to such a state - it is very dangerous for the body.

- Do you monitor your drinking regime and how important is it to drink plenty of water throughout the day?
- It may be true that you need to consume as much fluid as possible, but To be honest, I can't keep track of it all the time. So yes, it's probably useful, but I haven't tried it yet ( smiles ).

On both sides of the screen. About plans for the future

- Do you follow any competitions?
- I have many friends from different sports, and I will definitely follow when the broadcast will be ... I find some of them specifically on the Internet, because not all competitions can be watched on TV. I always try to support our athletes, even from a distance.

- What is the most important for you now?
- At the moment, sport for me is in the first place in all my plans for future. The main thing is to show my maximum, everything I can do.

Alexandra Soldatova: sport comes first for me

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

5 rules of Sasha Soldatova: love, remember, smile

Each of us has our own rules, our own guidelines that help us not to go astray and not deviate from our goal. The list of achievements of 19-year-old gymnast Alexandra Soldatova includes the conquered podiums of the most prestigious competitions, the championship of Russia, the world and Europe. Together with our colleagues from Oh my look! we asked Sasha a few more questions and made a list of rules that every girl who has a dream, goal and favorite thing can take on board. It turned out very motivating!

● When it gets hard, remember why you are doing all this, how much has already been passed. TWhen it will be easier for you to understand whether you are ready to give up all this, to sacrifice your efforts.

● Love what you do, no matter what it is.

● Love yourself. It is really very difficult, but it is very important: to love yourself for who you are.

● Improve all the time. Not only in sports, study or your favorite activity, but in everything.

● Always be in a good mood. Whatever happens in the shower, never show it. Life is not always easy.

Thank you for your help in organizing and styling the shooting, dress rental service Oh My Look! and G.Bar.

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