Alena Zavarzina - on retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

The Championship, together with the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, IRONSTAR launches a special project # 226 questions .

This is the first YouTube show about triathlon in Russia ... The heroes of our releases are famous athletes, bloggers, politicians, businessmen and just people with unusual stories. On the eve of the main start of the season IRONSTAR 226 Sochi we will introduce you to non-fictional personal stories and ask 226 questions to the guests of our studio.

The series of interviews is opened by the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Sochi, a snowboarder, and recently also triathlete Alena Zavarzina .

Alena Zavarzina - on retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Alena, you recently ended your professional sports career. Tell me, what are you doing now?

- I have been preparing for triathlon and various other projects until I started studying at the design university. Sometimes I even comment and do public speaking.

- Last year you entered Central Saint Martins. Isn't it scary to start all over again, with a clean slate?

- The worst thing in all this is that you don't know what to do next. Recently we were on the air with Maria Kiseleva, and she said that athletes, like no one else, will understand what it feels like when you have devoted your whole life to sports, she was scheduled from and to around the competition schedule. You roughly understood where you would be in any month of the year, there was a clear plan that you followed. Once it ends, you don't know what to do next. This is one of the reasons why I started doing triathlon - I wanted to move according to plan.

I do not start design from scratch. At first I started to draw, and then only snowboarding. He burst into my life, and I left artistic endeavors. I even entered and studied for two courses at an art university. I didn’t finish my studies, and it’s good, because in our Russian institutions, creativity is knocked out of you quite seriously.

Alena Zavarzina - on retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- In one of your interviews you said that when you finished your sports career, you thought a lot on this topic, and the Universe gave you a sign.

- I believe that each of us receives signs quite often. We just don't notice them and don't listen. For example, if you have great motivation to win a competition, then any difficulty that appears in front of you is perceived by you as an obstacle that must be overcome for a high goal. When there are too many such moments, this lump grows, you begin to understand that this is actually a sign. You were told for a long time that it was time to leave, but you didn’t hear and fought your way through obstacles.

I could continue my career, but now I don’t see much sense in it. After all, sports are not only achievements for the sake of the country or personale victories are totality. Therefore, you cannot swim alone in this sea.

Alena Zavarzina - on retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Many former athletes find it very difficult to apply themselves in life. What do you think, what is this connected with and how to deal with it?

- With the fact that all your life you have been interested only in sports. You don't know what to do next. The right way is to go into coaching or become a team support staff. I believe that not everyone can be a coach. For example, I don't have that. This is one of the most ungrateful professions in the world, and I love it when my work is appreciated.

I read in various biographies that many are silent about this moment and do not want to talk about difficulties. In general, professional sports and its consequences are not the best things that can happen to your mental health.

- If we talk about your new hobby, triathlon, someone starts because they run from something, that is, trying to free his head from unnecessary thoughts, someone is running for something, wants to know and test himself. Why are you going to start in Sochi?

- I also want to learn new things about myself. To understand if I can survive such an endurance race. Indeed, when you are at a distance, you are often in your head. You start to dig yourself, plunge into your world. It actually has a therapeutic character, you can even call it meditation, because you begin to better understand yourself, your emotions.

- Both snowboarding and triathlon are individual disciplines. Why is this sport closer to you than a team one?

- I'm not a team player. It so happens that you accept this for yourself once and for all. Probably as a child. I can't suddenly become a team player after 20 years in sports. It would be strange if after snowboarding I went to volleyball.

The full interview is available in the video on YouTube .

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