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Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Alena has been active all her life, she just could not sit still. Best of all, she was given sports. However, her love for the culture of punk rock and skateboarding, which in its essence intersects with snowboarding, once led Alena to the ski slope. There, the girl first saw snowboarders and, without even trying to stand on such a board, she immediately realized: This is mine. Time passed, and the cherished dream came true: Alena was holding her first snowboard in her hands.

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo: From Alena Alekhina's personal archive

It is generally accepted that it is too late to start a professional sports career at the age of 17. But, as you know, there are exceptions to any rule. At the age of 17, Alena Alekhina took part in her first competitions and immediately showed the result. Everything turned out that not so long ago it was difficult even to imagine: a victory at the Moscow championship, then Russia, sponsorship, the appearance of a coach and getting into the national team. For 2 years a long way has been done from a beginner to a pro rider. But four years ago in California something happened that literally in a split second divided Alena's life into before and after. While performing a trick on a snowboard, she fell and suffered a serious spinal injury.

Struggling to recover: I can't imagine any other way

Alena Alekhina: “I'm not I felt very well that day and had been ill for a long time before. I understood, in principle, that it was better not to skate. I had even untied my boots and decided to finish. But then I saw this sun, mountains and thought that I should still try. And on the first or second try I fell: on a trick that I did a million times. Not on something risky, in fact, one might say, stable. Something went wrong. Apparently, my poor health affected. I could just as well have stumbled over a sill, for example. ”

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva,“ Championship ”

After an unsuccessful fall, a terrible diagnosis followed: the doctors confidently said that the girl would no longer be able to walk. Alena did not leave the desire not to accept what had happened, she refused to believe that what happened to her was possible at all. She realized that she was never ready to put up with anything and would fight for her recovery to the end.

“I am a little surprised when people say: Oh, you’re such a fine fellow, you didn’t give up !, and I always answer: I didn’t have a choice. I was not satisfied with such a life, I needed to recover, I really wanted to, and therefore I devoted all my strength to rehabilitation. In the situation with my trauma, it was very important for me to do everything in my power so that later, after years, I could say for sure: I, for my part, did everything. It was no longer possible to do more. Four years later, I still continue to do everything possible for my recovery, because I have no other way. ”

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo : From Al's personal archiveYona Alyokhina

Alyona still works out on special simulators every day and makes classes a priority. For the first two and a half years, the girl spent all her strength and absolutely all the time for therapy - such was the attitude. She tried various rehabilitation technologies on herself. A few years later, Alena still studies at home, but now she tries not to focus absolutely all her attention on this.

“I try to treat the situation like this: all people have their own routine, someone takes the child to school in the morning, someone goes to the gym, someone loses weight, so I try to see my daily activities as something ordinary, so as not to whine and not feel sorry for yourself. But I give my best every time and work at the same time ( a girl teaches foreign languages ​​via Skype. - Approx. “Championship” ). I used to count how many thousands of days of therapy I had on my account. I haven't counted for a long time now. It is important for me that I still continue to notice some, albeit insignificant, changes, that is, there is still some sense from my studies. ”

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva,“ Championship ”

And the result, contrary to the doctors' forecasts, is. After the injury, Alena has already returned to three muscles, which allow her to pull her leg to her, pedal and much more. They continue to get stronger, and one even almost recovered to the state of a muscle of a healthy person, although initially it was not there at all. Moreover, the sensitivity in the legs continues to return to the girl: “Here I see progress constantly, that is, I have more and more sensations in my legs. For example, every time now I feel when I bend my knee, although before that there was nothing at all. The sensitivity changes markedly. Alas, it has not yet leaked out, figuratively speaking, but recovery should come from within. ”

About changes: a little less perfectionism, a little more spontaneity and love for people

Now with Alena is constantly contacted by people who were injured after her incident and know the whole story. The girl admitted that she recalls with horror her first time after the fall and seeks to alleviate the condition of other people who have a difficult path to recovery. She always shares her experience with those who wish and can spend hours “hanging” on the phone, talking with someone who needs help. Alena knows like no one else that communication with people is a good source of strength.

“The energy received from people is very important, and at all stages of this path it was very valuable for me to understand that many people want to be near me. Not even to help, but just to be there. Each of these people seemed to take from me a piece of my pain, both physical and emotional. The feeling of the people around me was very valuable. I really like communication and the emotional charge is important. ”

In addition, Alena said that recently a lecture was held in Muzeon Park as part of an educational project.project BOARDSPEAKERS sponsored by Roxy and Quiksilver, where she told her story. The Roxy brand has been supporting the girl for 10 years, this is a second family and the mutual love that she found thanks to snowboarding. As for her attitude to life, Alena admitted that she had moved a little away from her previously inherent perfectionism, became more spontaneous and easy-going.

“Apparently, before there were some clear goals, plans, and I went in this direction, and then something so huge took and blocked my path. I tried to climb it somehow, cut a tunnel, and then I realized that if on this path I run into an obstacle and only into it, I will not look for a workaround, then I will not go anywhere. I decided to get around. I have a feeling that this is flexibility, acceptance: yes, it didn’t work out exactly the way I wanted, but it didn’t work out the way it did, and that turns out to be not bad either. ”

Bittersweet: life in two countries

Currently, Alena lives in two cities: Moscow and Huntington Beach in California. And to describe the state of a person who is torn between two countries, two to-do lists, two social circles, we remembered the English expression bittersweet, which means bittersweet - very mixed feelings.

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, “Championship”

“Full feeling that life is divided into two houses. But even one life is not so easy to equip! In mine, everything is multiplied by two, including our usual everyday difficulties. All the bonuses are in duplicate, but all the inconveniences too. ”

One of the main inconveniences is that Alena flies from country to country with expensive and unique simulators. It is impossible to have them in several copies, so the girl has to disassemble herself into cogs, transport them in several suitcases. But, despite such difficulties, Alena is happy that her life is now connected with California. After all, this is another dream, the realization of which she considered almost impossible. In 2008, Roxy invited Alena to shoot in Canada, and after the event she visited the company's headquarters in Huntington Beach, the city where she now lives.

“When I first flew to Los Angeles, it seemed to me that this place is overrated, that is, overrated. All the songs about California, the pictures seemed to me some kind of fake, and it was not very clear why they talk so much about this place. But the day I went to the office where the event was organized for us, I hit the beach in Huntington Beach and realized that California was underrated - underrated. I imagined that it was cool here, but I could not imagine that it was so perfect. ”

Charity, books, music and butterflies in the stomach

One of the most important components of Alena's life was and remains charity ... Even before her injury, she volunteered for the Give Life Foundation and was part of the Dr. Clown organization.

“I tried to go to the hospital to see children as a classOuna after an injury (I was put in a baby carriage, in which my partner clown rolled me around the hospital, and I was a baby with a pacifier who repaired lawlessness behind him, it was very funny). True, I think that at that moment I still lacked energy and strength ... That is, it was great, but I think I still need to get a little stronger mentally and physically in order to carry more energy with me. I really miss all this and really look forward to my return. "

Now, in her free time, Alena tries to devote herself to what she was striving for before, but for which she simply did not have enough strength. Studying, family, snowboarding, charity - it seemed that there was no more to fit. Now the girl pays a lot of attention to reading books, and, according to her, this is exactly what she had sorely lacked time for before, but which she really likes to do. And with music, everything worked out in childhood: music school, piano, honors. But Alena believes that she never had a special talent, so she also treated music in a sporty way - with perseverance. “I believe that perseverance and diligence are often more important than talent.”

A year and a half ago, Alyona made a New Year promise to herself: to allow herself to make music, at least 10 minutes a day. It is from the music that she has butterflies in her belly, like she once did from snowboarding. And these butterflies make her happy. Musically progress, like any forward movement, is a joy for her. I somehow got out of the shower and wrote a song. Although I didn't think, I had no idea that I could do it! - Alyona shared.

The video can be viewed on Anastasiya Barysheva's Youtube channel.

This week she has already released her second song. The girl completely created the first of them herself, the second - a joint work with a musician from California.

Book of life hacks: how to survive

Speaking about motivation, Alena immediately said with a smile that she had there is a whole collection of tips that she would call a book on survival. After all, day after day, the girl tried to survive, and it was not easy for her. Now she can give advice that will motivate everyone. The first thing that Alena advises in a difficult situation is to remember that this will not always be so, no matter how trivial it may sound. Life is characterized by imbalance, sometime - everything, sometime - nothing. That is how it works. And it is very important in the most difficult times to be able to mentally and emotionally get out of the difficult here and now, remember this very imbalance and warm yourself with this thought of inevitable (!!!) changes for the better. In the meantime, just endure, clenching your teeth, knowing for sure that this is not forever, and save yourself with this thought.

Alena Alekhina: the fight for recovery

Photo: From personal Alena Alekhina's archive

In addition, Alena believes that it is very important to pay due attention to positive emotions. And if you think about it, we really so often dwell on failures and losses, repeat about them, and leave good emotions in the shadows.

“We are very peculiarbut whine, for example, when we lose something. We will understand this about 20 times, even if it was some little thing. But if we suddenly find it in our bag later, we will get off with just one phrase: Ah, that's it, here it is! Class !. We will not say a word more about this. And this is so illogical! Why, then, are we always so obsessed with loss, but we do not have the habit of betting on repetition this joy that we have found something. That is, we choose to relive a negative emotion over and over again, and a positive one only one short time. Strange, isn't it? "

Now Alena knows by personal example that it is impossible to completely eradicate negative emotions, but you can teach yourself to be more happy with little things. After all, what we already have is already a lot, and the main thing is how and from what angle we look at it.

Я научусь ходить заново! Алена Алехина (Alyona Alekhina)

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