Aiza Anokhina: for my upbringing I am grateful to my parents, the street and the rap industry

Provoke the public with bold statements, do not stand aside and turn each new hobby into a successful business. Who is Aiza Anokhina today? How the modern rap diva lives and the representative of that same old-school generation, when street culture was more than just a phrase. We are trying to understand this and many other things in our interview.

Aiza Anokhina: for my upbringing I am grateful to my parents, the street and the rap industry

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Many people believe that the foundation of what we are now is laid in childhood. What do you think about you now from childhood? And where did the desire to stand out come from?

- It seems to me that the desire to stand out came from the very birth. I am a person with an eternal claim. It always seems to me that I, as a girl, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, should always strive for the ideal. I demand a lot from myself and others, but not without reason. And I am very grateful to my parents that they did not give me anything just like that. If I wanted new clothes, I had a lot of housework to do. Help dad at work, translate texts for him from Russian into English and from English into Russian. I had to earn every thing I received, do my job on time and approach it with all responsibility. I was taught not to freebie, and this is a very useful skill.

- What was your active hobby, sports as a child?

- Badminton ( just kidding ). In general, I rode a snowboard. I loved this business, although I was not so good at it, I did not become a pro. But I have always had the best sponsor - Burton, so I had the most fashionable outfits on the slopes.

- Do you think you really need sports as a child? I know that your son, Sam, is a boxer. Did he choose himself or did you give him a hint?

- No, I didn’t ( smiles ), he is an independent boy. He sees that dad is engaged, so he wanted to. In general, I believe that children need sports, but in moderation so as not to injure the body and psyche. I know what I'm talking about, my mom is a professional gymnast. Now she is constantly treating her back and joints, this, of course, is a big price to pay for her professional career.

- Do you think a parent can be a coach for his child or should be himself?

- I'm sure the parent should remain the parent. It is a fact. Because pressure on children does not lead to anything good. If you go in for professional sports, the most important thing is parental support. They take the child to training, quit their jobs to accompany their children everywhere, believe and support their endeavors. Other mums and dads, on the other hand, work three times as hard to pay for the hobby that could lead to a champion title. The role of parents is very important, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

Aiza Anokhina: for my upbringing I am grateful to my parents, the street and the rap industry

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

-Your growing up was greatly influenced by street culture. How did it all start? What did you take from the streets?

- I took everything from the street ( laughs ), actually. Because I grew up in the skate and snowboard scene. And I spent a lot of time with extremists.

- What kind of people are they?

- This is its own atmosphere. These are real people. Real teenagers, regardless of the number of years indicated in the passport, are absolutely fearless. But what I like most is that they have goals and ideals.

- What's cool about a street party? What can she teach?

- Be responsible for yourself and for your words in the first place. That is why I really love individual sports, and team sports - on the contrary. Although I want my son to do both individual and team work. To learn how to work with a group of people and independently in the future. Nowadays it is very important to be flexible.

- What do you think is harder: working in a team or working on your own?

- It seems to me that the team is more difficult. I am a very responsible person, so I would be terribly scared to let someone down. It's better to let yourself down than people who believe in you and rely on you.

Aiza Anokhina: for my upbringing I am grateful to my parents, the street and the rap industry

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Can you remember the coolest situation when you were not afraid to go against any foundations and rules?

- I was 14 or 15 years old. My friend was taken to the police for riding a skateboard. And I burst into the department and put a kipish there ( laughs ). She screamed and threatened. Everyone in the department was shocked, so they let him go. This is also in me since childhood: I hate that for love for something that does not harm anyone, they can be taken to the police.

- How do you feel about this? After all, our police pay a lot of attention to those who ride a skateboard, paint graffiti.

- I think the police have more important things to do. When I was hanging out with extreme sports, there was no question of any parks and ramps that are now. Everyone rode what is available: monuments, railings. And I love what is happening now. Develop this culture. After all, everyone understands that children cannot be taken from the street, so you can make the street safe.

- Many people consider the street culture of that time (90s and 2000s) to be real. And what is happening now is a little cultivated. Was there any special atmosphere in Moscow at that time for you? And how was it expressed?

- Was. It was a very small get-together where everyone knew each other. Any playground was your home. Your friends are everywhere. Nowadays, some people buy skateboards simply because they are fashionable. There are a billion species. You walk into a store and are very surprised. But culture is growing, and we must progress with it. This is cool. New movements appear. For example, scooters have occupied all skate parks, maddening ( laughs ). True, beholdNowadays young people choose what is easier to ride. And in our time ... it was more difficult and more interesting, just because it was all new for us.

- Have you seen yourself in rap before? If you were told 10 years ago that you would record a track and blow up YouTube, what would you say?

- I would say: Yes, that's my style !. I've always been into rap because it was the music of our time. The time I was hanging out with skaters. I was constantly freestyle, though I never really wanted to go on stage, that's a fact.

- How do you feel in rap? What message do you carry in your image?

- There is no message. I just make cool, pretty smart songs. Some people like it, some don't. Being a rap girl is difficult, but very tempting, because it's not a very popular niche in our country. I like to feel unique.

- In order to read a hype track, do you need to balance on the edge of topics or find your own style?

- I do what whatever you want, and I'm not chasing trends. If I wanted to sing a pop song, I did it, and if I want to read a hard rap, I will do it too. I believe that creativity should not be framed.

Aiza Anokhina: for my upbringing I am grateful to my parents, the street and the rap industry

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Your tracks are largely about the past and the present, and are you not afraid to look into the future?

- I don't like planning 150 years ahead. I'll fly away in a week, fly in two and record a new song - that's all I know. I'm not afraid of tomorrow.

- Moscow for work, and Bali for life?

- Yes, that's right. But I love Moscow because I love work.

- How did it happen that so much in your life is connected with this island?

- I am 10 for years I dreamed of being there, but for some reason it did not work. I was very drawn there. Probably because I really wanted to see my future husband, because all this time he lived there ( laughs ).

- Are you resting there and recovering?

- No, I also work and take care of children. But there I feel very comfortable physically. Children don't get sick, no one needs to be warmly dressed, especially yourself ( laughs ), and in general the rhythm of life is very comfortable.

- If you had met 8 years ago on street yourself, what would you think of this girl?

- You are not a fig, you are an old woman! How cool you look!

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