Airsoft: 5 facts about a new sport

Airsoft is a team military tactical non-commercial game, officially recognized as a sport quite recently, on April 20 this year. In Russia, airsoft appeared in the late 90s. as a hobby of a small circle of people who were mainly engaged in historical reconstruction. Its popularity grew every year; nowadays this game is fond of in almost all major cities of Russia. Its essence lies in the command execution of the tasks set by the script, observing special rules. We spoke with 3/75 RRD team 3 commander Ilya Shugurin and learned the five most important facts about the new sport.

Airsoft: 5 facts about a new sport

Airsoft was born in Japan

Airsoft appeared as a kind of simulator for the military in Japan in the late 80s, when they lost the right to own automatic weapons, and soon captured the commercial market around the world.

Airsoft has little to do with paintball

In response to the fact that we are fond of airsoft, we still hear: Oh, this is where paint is shot, right ?. It's like comparing basketball and football - playing with a ball, almost the same thing. In airsoft, the striking element is a plastic 6 mm ball fired from a weapon, which, as a rule, has a real prototype. In paintball, even the closest to real-life weapons have little in common with them. Paintball players are not involved in the reconstruction of the actual armed forces of various countries, our most popular areas are the RF and US Armed Forces.

Airsoft: 5 facts about a new sport

Airsoft is a game of fairness

The plastic ball does not leave marks on the uniform, and the responsibility for fixing hits lies with the players. This means that the person hit by the ball must independently acknowledge the fact of hitting and act in accordance with the rules and scenario (usually, put on a red bandage on his shoulder and go to a special place - a ghoul).

Airsoft not only men play

Gaining popularity, airsoft from a purely male hobby has become a female one. Five years ago, girls at the games were a rarity, now it is already a fairly common occurrence. At the same time, they used to just wait for the men in the camp, but now they are eager to shoot themselves.

Airsoft: 5 facts about a new sport

You can play airsoft only from the age of 18

The reason is simple - although the game is almost not traumatic and it is enough to have only protective glasses for it, participants can get injured by falling, pulling a limb, or cutting themselves. Participation of minors over 16 years of age is discussed individually, subject to parental permission. Although now there is a practice when parents can take their children with them under their own responsibility, and some organizers go to meet them.

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