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Agent Provocateur models showed what to do sports

Back in the spring, the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur released a video of girls dancing and doing sports in sexy lingerie to the hit Pump Up the Jam of the Belgian group Technotronic.

The creators were inspired by the art of dance and self-expression through body movements. When you completely immerse yourself in the music, there is an influx of endorphins, your heart rate increases, and now you can't stand still.

The main character of the video is the ballerina Kylie Shea.

The girl is in in excellent physical shape and loves not only indoor activities and dancing, but also American football.

However, the usual image of a model in training looks no less sexy.

Besides Kylie in The video featured 22 professional dancers with completely different figures. All of them shone in lace and translucent linen fabrics of the new collection. But what if girls really came to training in this form?

Recall, no matter how beautiful the advertisement, it is better to choose special sportswear for training. And this applies to both sexes.

For those with curvaceous forms, it is especially important to ensure that the breasts are pressed tightly to the body, and ordinary underwear cannot guarantee such support.

Men, like women should pay attention to the fabric: cotton is good in everyday life, but not suitable for sports, as it absorbs moisture too quickly, but does not take it away. As a result, the laundry simply sticks to the body, creating unpleasant sensations. In sports underwear, mainly technological synthetic materials are used, which are well ventilated and remove excess moisture.

Beauty, of course, has not been canceled, but it should not demand sacrifices. Especially when the results of training directly depend on it.

Agent Provocateur models showed what to do sports

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Agent Provocateur models showed what to do sports

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