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Ageless coach Halle Berry knows how to add efficiency to her workouts

The unfading beauty of Halle Berry is admired by millions of fans around the world. Looking at the photos of the actress, it is impossible to believe that she will turn 54 this summer. A chiseled waist, a wasp waist, elastic muscles, excellent skin condition are not a mystery of nature. In fact, Holly is a huge sports fan. And to look stunning, she trains every day. On her Instagram, the girl maintains a weekly section FitnessFriday, in which she shares the secrets of her own exercises.

For four years now she has been helped by Peter Lee Thomas - one of the best coaches of Hollywood stars, whom Berry calls it his secret weapon. The actress works with an instructor five days a week, alternating yoga, boxing, strength and cardio training. In addition, Thomas often takes as a basis the occupation of the SEALs - the US Special Forces units. The main thing is not to slip into a routine and always look for something new, unusual and demanding a lot of effort.

Holly is also busy the rest of her days. According to Thomas, she will only give up training for a really good reason. It's funny that when the instructor met the star, he had no idea how old she was. And I was shocked when I found out the real figure. Peter noted that his charge is as disciplined and athletic as a 25-year-old.

В interview with American magazine W Magazine Peter Lee Thomas gave some tips to help diversify everyday training and make it more effective.

Ageless coach Halle Berry knows how to add efficiency to her workouts

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Warm-up is a head for everything

Those who are in a hurry to start to the main workout, missing a good warm-up often get injured. I myself was once such a fool who did not like warm-up and stretching. This is a sure path to injury. To avoid them, plan your workout well in advance and set aside time to warm up so you can sweat before class starts. My hardest workouts take 5-10-12-20 minutes. When you know what to do and you realize your limits, there is no point in hanging around the gym for three hours.

Don't slip into a routine

Changing your workouts depending on the season is a great idea. First, it will protect you from burnout when you do the same exercises every day. Secondly, it is sometimes useful to load individual muscle groups that you want to pay special attention to. For example, if my arms or legs look a little sluggish, I will work on those muscles further. Plus, outdoor workouts can spice up your routine when the weather is fine.

Practice on the beach on vacation

The beach is a treasure trove of incredible resources. I'm not a fan of treadmills, but I love running on the sand. On some beaches you can find horizontal bars, I can also use a towel instead of a yoga mat.

Here is an example of a beach workout: run on the sand from one lifeguard to another, bear walk exercise, 10-20 jumps forward, towel-width , 20 jumps in the plank (hands on a towel, feet on the sand), 10-20 pull-ups if the beach has a horizontal bar, and 20 push-ups. Take 3-5 sets.

Ageless coach Halle Berry knows how to add efficiency to her workouts

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Exercise with a partner or in a group

Cooperative training with a partner helps you to be responsible, maintain a high pace of work and have more fun. Plus an extra pair of eyes will help keep track of whether you are doing the exercise correctly. Energetic group sessions also give you strength and help you get a second wind at the right time.

Train your body in a variety of ways

In my opinion, the hardest workouts for the whole body are Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and MMA. I also do burpees regularly, and pull-ups are already a classic, a constant element of my workouts, they are always difficult to do. Skater exercise - one of my favorites in plyometrics, develops coordination. It's fun and challenging. The normal and reverse bear gait is also very functional.

Ageless coach Halle Berry knows how to add efficiency to her workouts

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Eat after, not before your workout

In the morning I brew a traditional Japanese matcha tea. I enjoy exercising on an empty stomach, and I often practice intermittent fasting. After class I usually make myself a three-egg omelet with avocado and arugula.

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