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Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

Gianluca Vacca is an Italian playboy who became famous in the Network thanks to incendiary dances on a yacht and an athletic tanned body. A luxurious life and a fit figure of the Italian do not leave indifferent almost 15 million people who follow him on Instagram. Netizens are divided into two camps: some discuss models who are lucky enough to be with a 50-year-old millionaire, others count zeros in his bank account. We are also interested to know how Gianluca has managed to keep his body in a really great shape for his age over the years.

The Dancing Millionaire's Diet: PP and Pure Vodka

The busy nightlife of a man can enter into a stupor. Does it look like this carousel leads a healthy lifestyle? He tries. In one interview, he admitted that sometimes he allows himself to drink a couple of glasses of vodka, but he always drinks them with plenty of water. It allows you to replenish the lack of fluid in the tissues and remove alcohol from the body. The main thing in this life hack is not to overdo it, otherwise you will not recognize yourself in the morning due to endless swelling.

Without days off: how much time does Gianluca Vacchi devote to sports?

Even on planned social days, the Italian millionaire always devotes an hour and a half a day to sports. Of course, there are no weekends for men on a busy schedule.

Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

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Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

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Favorite types of workouts of the Italian

Vacca has made active rest the motto of his life. Outside the gym, he enjoys playing football, tennis and surfing. Sometimes the question even arises: when does he manage to work?

Within fitness, Gianluca prefers functional training. The Italian monitors weight and lean muscle mass. Despite the prominent muscles, the man almost always trains without equipment. He considers the most effective exercises on horizontal bars and parallel bars. In addition, they can be easily replaced if there is no sports equipment nearby - for example, a yacht mast.

In strength, the millionaire focuses on the development of the muscles of the body and abdominals. However, cardio is also present in his sports program. For example, Wakki can often be seen running on the road.riding or jumping rope. The sensational dances of the Italian can also be considered an element of training.

Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

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Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

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Occasionally, Gianluca works with weights, but does not consider it a panacea. Sometimes he runs with weights on his legs, and uses kettlebells to train his arms and upper body.

In addition to the usual fitness classes, the Italian macho is engaged in Pilates and aerobics. And, judging by the videos on his instagram, it has a good stretch.

Gianluca Vacca is superfluous once again proves that 50 years is not a sentence. On the contrary: this is a reason to take care of your body right now, because good physical shape and health are equally important at any age. Do not put off sports, because then you have to work twice as hard.

And finally, watch the video of the dancing millionaire. Charge yourself with motivation and good mood!

Age is not a hindrance. What keeps the dancing millionaire fit at 50?

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