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Aesthetic osteopathy: how to maintain natural beauty

Maintaining the natural beauty of the body often takes a lot of effort. Sometimes, from a lack of proper physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle, disorders of the lymphatic system occur, and this is also expressed externally: edema, excess weight and much more. To put yourself in order, you can turn to the help of aesthetic osteopathy. It is aimed at restoring normal blood flow and outflow, removing tension and relieving clamps in the body.

Aesthetic osteopathy: how to maintain natural beauty

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We talked with Anastasia Tabina - a specialist in aesthetic osteopathy at the OSTEOPOLICLINIC Medical Center - and figured out how to keep your body in good shape, what water should be drunk and how an osteopath's intervention can affect your physical activity.

- What indications does aesthetic osteopathy work with?

- For example, when a person has claims about his appearance, which he wants to fix in more physiological, natural ways. Some people want to improve their health, others want to change outwardly - the methods of exposure are often the same. If we are talking about the visual beauty of the body, then this is most often the removal of puffiness, elimination of changes in the body after childbirth.

We can correct some muscle imbalance: posture, restore the anterior abdominal wall, restore the pelvic floor muscles and align pelvis after childbirth, improve the function of all organs. There are also ways of tummy tuck and breast lift. We use both osteopathic techniques and kinesio taping. It is clear that the effect will not be as significant as after surgery, but in any case it will be. Especially in tandem with training.

Aesthetic osteopathy: how to maintain natural beauty

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

- What processes can help accelerate osteopathic intervention?

- First of all, improve health in general. If a person has an incorrectly aligned spine, incorrect muscle symmetry, and in this form he begins to actively engage in sports, this can greatly harm him. Because all systems of the body will be in a tense state and a person will adapt worse to any physical activity. The less tension in the body, which we remove with the help of osteopathy, the more physiological the load will be, the better the result will be - whether it be professional sports, semi-professional or any fitness.

- The same lymphatic drainage massage should be done once in three days. As for osteopathy, how often should you visit a doctor?

- Everything is very individual. For a person who has practically no edema, one or two sessions are enough to start the lymph flow, because there is no stagnation in the tissues. If there is any edema caused by venous insufficiency, lymphostasis, then this is a fairly long series of procedures. It can be carried out every other day, and this is 10-12sessions. Everything is individual and depends on the patient's wishes. For an aesthetic effect, when a person does not want to practice, but wants to just squeeze his legs, three or four sessions are enough.

- Do these three procedures also need to be attended with some frequency?

- Yes, at least once a week. If less often, then we lose the cumulative effect.

- How can a person maintain his condition after a session with an osteopath, when he has already started lymph flow, squeezed tissue? To drink a certain amount of water or according to needs?

- We drink water, on the one hand, according to need. There is an average amount of 30 ml per kilogram. But this amount is taking into account all the liquid that a person consumes. If you look at clean water, it turns out not so much: if a person still drinks coffee, tea, and juice, then about a liter of pure water a day, sometimes half a liter.

Aesthetic osteopathy: how to maintain natural beauty

Photo: Valeriya Shugurin, Championship

What is important in terms of water: nowadays many people are installing a purification system. This filter often removes a large amount of trace elements from the water, and the water is distilled. It contains fewer trace elements than ordinary tap water. This water goes into the tissues, where it is retained along the gradient of salt concentration and can cause swelling. Therefore, when we undergo a series of lymphatic drainage procedures, I recommend that patients add alkaline mineral water to their diet. It is not the gas that is important, but the composition of the water. It could be Borjomi, Essentuki. Not even the acidity itself is important, but the presence of salts.

- I heard that people drink water in the morning and add lemon to it for alkalization. If lemon is added, does the water change its properties?

- Yes, there is. But I recommend choosing more in terms of salt composition. In general, good lymphatic drainage is walking and swimming, and for people who do not have any particular problems, this is enough for the lymph flow to be normal. There are separate exercises that help start the lymph flow. They are simple, performed at a slow pace.

Aesthetic osteopathy: how to maintain natural beauty

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

Top 3 exercises for opening the pathways of venous outflow

Exercise 1. Technique: slowly raise your shoulders to your ears and slowly lower them. Repeat 3-5 times.

Exercise 2. Technique: with inhalation, spread the shoulders back, connect the shoulder blades. With an exhalation, we bring our shoulders forward. Repeat 3-5 times.

Exercise 3. Roll the shoulders back and forth. Repeat 3-5 times.

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