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Aerobatics figure. Best pilot of the century Svetlana Kapanina

The plane, circling over the Kazanka River, suddenly lays a dead loop, freezes in the air, and then rushes down in free flight, leveling out 10 meters from the water. Watching such mastery is a special pleasure. The thought that inside, at the helm, a delicate and fragile blonde, seems quite incredible. But it is so. In the cockpit - Svetlana Kapanina - the absolute world champion in aerobatics. This time, she flew to Red Bull Air Race in Kazan to surprise the audience and give the opportunity to enjoy her magnificent show in the air.

On December 28 of last year, Svetlana celebrated her double anniversary. The world champion is 50 years old, 30 of them she conquers the sky - and this is a special figure.

The Siberian angel, as the British call Kapanin, got into aviation quite by accident. In her youth, the girl was fond of gymnastics, and even fulfilled the standard of a candidate for master of sports of the USSR. But after graduation, Svetlana chose the path to medicine for herself and graduated from college with a specialty in pharmacy. But where did the planes come from? It's hard to believe, but when a fragile girl caught fire with the dream of jumping with a parachute, she accidentally mixed up the record and got into airplane sports. Then she left the pharmacy and went to work as an electrical communications technician at the Kurgan Aviation Club.

My first She recalls the flight as follows: In fact, it was boring, because there was low cloud cover, we flew in formation, and did not manage to try ourselves in aerobatics. But the second flight was unforgettable - when I was planted and given a ride on aerobatics (this was later my coach - Leonid Arkadyevich Solodovnikov), I had a pleasant shock, the sky and earth were spinning, everything was spinning around. Great sensations.

Svetlana Kapanina is now considered one of the most titled female pilots on the planet. She became the world champion in certain types of the program 39 times, seven times - the absolute champion. In addition, Svetlana was awarded a personalized FAI (International Aviation Federation) medal as the best pilot of the century, and in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded her the Order of Courage.

Interestingly, the main songwriter on the topic of aviation Nikolay Anisimov, dedicated one of them to Kapanina:

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