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Adidas Run High: Hot Girls Conquered Mountains

On this day, everything was so that the stars literally converged in the inscription Clever will not go up the hill, the clever will run up the hill. I got up at 7:30 in the morning looking forward to the adidas Run High. For those who are not familiar with the specifics of the event, I will briefly tell you: early in the morning, brave, athletic and simply incredibly cool guys gather and start at distances of 4 and 10 km. Trail running is not a joke, so somewhere we run uphill, somewhere we can barely move knee-deep in mud (well, not knee-deep, of course, but there was enough mud), and somewhere with a light heart we go down to full speed. I thought that while I was running, I would definitely figure out what the article would be about. But in reality everything turned out differently: there were so many thoughts that I offer you my top-list of the most successful ones. It will have something about motivation, something about distance, and definitely something that can help you get interested in trail running.

Adidas Run High: Hot Girls Conquered Mountains

Photo: Adidas Run High

Thought 1: 4 kilometers is not 4 kilometers for you

Here's what you need to understand from the very beginning: 4 kilometers of real off-road - this is not a joke to you. Somewhere uphill you have to go, but somewhere on a narrow path you can't do without a friend's hand. In general, the unpredictability of the trail distance is that until the last minute even the organizers themselves will not be able to tell you for sure what to expect on the track. It will be dry - it will be easier, if it will rain - the adventure will begin. On the one hand, we were lucky, during the race itself there was no rain, but in the evening it poured thoroughly, therefore, by the cleanliness at the finish, one could immediately determine that either he was a spectator or left the distance in the first 100 meters.

I was very lucky to have selected comfortable sneakers with a special sole in advance, so when everyone was painfully slipping, trying to take a new height or gently descend, I moved at my own pace and without unnecessary problems. Consider the choice of shoes carefully and ask the consultant to show you the models for trail running.

Thought 2: the one who knows where the finish is located beautifully finishes

It is funny and painful to tell how beautiful we are ran the last 100 meters ... before the last 100 meters. Descending from the next obstacle, I buried myself in a sign with a mark of 4 km, near which a happy volunteer was happily waving to all the finishers. Naturally, everyone immediately accelerated, smiled and ran the final 100 meters with a half-face smile, until they ran into the final mountain, which had to be climbed before crossing the Finish arch. To be honest, it was not easy. Firstly, I had to walk along a narrow strip-path, and secondly, it was necessary to keep the pace so as not to create a traffic jam (and the pace is different for everyone). Despite everything, I had to keep the bar and even accelerate a little, because the man in front of me was clearly a little nervous and hoped for a record.

Thought 3: the higher the mountains, the more the desire to take themcats

When the rest of the race participants and I had just climbed to the 2 km mark, we had a stunning view of Moscow, in particular Moscow City. Many people stopped here and took selfies or shot short videos for their Instagram. At this moment, I seriously thought about participating in at least one more similar race. Think for yourself, if such a grandiose panorama opens up from the heights of the Krylatsky Hills, then what can you see from the heights of Elbrus or Vesuvius?

Thought 4: the mountains conquer hot girls

And that's nothing funny: how - then during the race I switched to a step (it was a little difficult to adapt to fast descents and regular ascents). It's good that a girl instructor was nearby, who told me that the most important thing at a distance is not to cool down! If you just started as a promising marathon runner, and after five minutes were blown away and moved to a step, then this will not end with anything good for your body. Sudden jumps in heart rate and body temperature are not the best thing that can happen to a beginner on a running distance. So try to keep pace. Even if it will be slower than that of all the participants or more like an accelerated step, but you will not fall out of the general rhythm.

Thought 5: find your pacer and become a pacer for someone

In general , this is a must: find a person who is comfortable for you to run after. Maybe he will have a comfortable pace or a technique similar to yours. In my case, everything turned out much simpler: I found an elderly man in a T-shirt. Everything is possible, if there is a purpose in life, it was bright and red, so it was easy for me to see him in the crowd. At the finish, she even stopped, waited for her pacer against her will and told him that she was going to finish the whole distance behind him, let him go ahead and ran her final meters. He was very happy. And at that moment I thought that every such distance and every moment that happens to you in the process makes you better. It doesn't matter if you are running up the mountains, along the embankment, or along the stadium.

Thought 6: champions - gold, champions of their inner world - granite

At the finish line, each of us had a medal. There are not many awards in my sports piggy bank (or rather, very few), so it was nice. Each medal was made of granite. The idea struck me as very original. Of all the materials that are suitable for rewarding trail distances, I would choose steel or granite. Although I probably couldn't explain why.

Thought 7: # handy. And 5 more places for which you can be hurt

Be prepared, not everyone is running relaxed, someone is very nervous for every extra second in line at the crossing. It happens, and that's okay. I would dilute this thought with a philosophical quote from publics on VKontakte: If they spit in your back, then you are ahead, but I think that you are alreadyunderstood. Take care of your elbows and head. Well, do not swing your arms in all directions yourself, even if today or never you are fighting to get into the top ten. In the end, we are all human, and a beautiful finish does not always matter as much as the distance we have covered. Something very philosophical came out, but I think you get it.

Thought 8: food, I love you

An obscure thought that the most delicious sandwiches are those on finish line. At the finish line, cute volunteer girls handed each participant a set with a sandwich and water. The carbohydrate load went off with a bang. It was especially cool to sit on the very edge of the cliff above the Krylatsky Hills, get your breakfast and admire Moscow, which is about to start waking up.

Before the race, I advise you not to have a heavy breakfast, nothing it won't end well at a distance. I ate one apple before the start and drank a glass of warm tea with sugar.

Thought 9: Selfies for Mom should be taken at the start and in a clean T-shirt

At the end of the race I really wanted to take a beautiful photo for memory. But then the final couple of kilometers in the mud made themselves felt. So yes, take the photo ahead of time, or choose the right angle (I would call it: the side I seem to be clean from). At the start, by the way, there was a very beautiful arch.

Thought 10: I can more or faster, well, at least more

4 km is not a little and not a lot. 4 km is your start and your first step. Remember that you can always do more and set yourself new and even more ambitious goals! See you in August at the adidas Elbrus World Race.

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