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Actresses in their 50s who look no older than 35. What's the secret?

Old age is not a joy. Is the well-known stereotype on the verge of destruction today? There are so many examples when time is beyond beauty. Here is a selection of famous actresses who age beautifully.

Sharon Stone, 60

At 60, the actress seems to know the secret of eternal youth. Once in an interview with the English magazine New You, she spoke about accepting her age and how her outlook on life has changed over the years. When you are 50, you feel that you have a chance to start life anew: a new career, a new love, - said the Hollywood actress. - Maybe you are tired of what you did for the first half of your life, but that does not mean that now you need to sit back and play golf in your yard. We're too young for that. 50 is the new 30, a new chapter. At this age, we know so much about life!

Meryl Streep, 69

In an interview with 7 Days magazine, the star confessed: Of course, I perfectly see the signs of aging - in myself and in other women. But frozen faces seem funny to me. There are many such people in Los Angeles - with faces that express absolutely nothing. Thank God, I get the opposite roles. I remember, on the day of my 40th birthday, I asked my husband: So what should I do now? You understand - it's over. ( Laughs .) But since then I've played quite a few interesting heroines.

Julianne Moore, 57

The star does Ashtanga yoga and acupuncture massage three times a week. Julianne uses three skincare products every day: oil, anti-aging cream, and eye cream. The actress has also been using the same scent for 20 years.

Monica Bellucci, 54

Monica Bellucci refused any interventions by a surgeon and beautician. She does not inject Botox and sticks to a simple daily routine of washing her face and applying a moisturizer. She also doesn't wash her hair too often and adds mineral water to the shampoo to reduce the concentration of chemicals. Instead of a mask, the actress applies olive oil to her hair.

Sandra Bullock, 54

What Bullock does not give himself up to is in maintaining an athletic figure. On the body of the actress it is impossible to notice a single extra gram, although at her age, mothers of two children rarely look like that. Sandra tries to eat in moderation and is actively involved in sports, especially jogging.

Elizabeth Hurley, 53

Elizabeth - Best Coop Advertisingalnikov Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The actress and model not only participates in advertising campaigns, but also shares live footage in her own clothes with subscribers on Instagram. Elisabeth uses a face serum twice a day and always sleeps with the window open: It doesn't matter if it's cold or not, I always open the window so I don't wake up with puffy eyes and feel light all day.

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